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1994+ Dodge Ram
Commonly Seen Brake Problems

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Brake Pull - brakes pull to one side

     Brake Pull has been common in many HD trucks. A series of TSB's has mostly solved the problem but some people must resort to the lemon law and get a new truck because nothing helps. The problems have been reported beginning with the 1994 models and continuing into the 1997 model year. 1998 and 1999 models are not immune to this problem, but the trouble is not as wide spread in these later models.

For those owners who have repeatedly had the dealer attempt to fix the problem and the dealer now claims the condition is "normal" or "within tolerance", here is what one frustrated owner did:   After 5 times in for brake "adjustments" I had the Chrysler zone rep get in, then I aimed the truck between 2 rows of new cars and trucks. I explained to him that I would accelerate to 20 and hit the brakes since they were "within tolerances", any damage done would be his. They bought the truck back.    (posted to the TDR forum)

Excessive Brake Wear
No Brakes and/or ABS Fault - Warning Lamp On
Rear Brakes Grabbing
Rear Brake Shudder
Brake Noise




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