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Ram Transfer Case Shifter Noise Cures

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Subject: [RAM] Transfer Case Shifter rattle  

 Date:  Thu, 6 Nov 1997 20:28:38 -0500 (EST)
 To:      RTML  

To eliminate that annoying Transfer Case Shifter rattle - you need one spring PN 4301631, designed for Mitsubishi 3L engine exhaust flange.  (NOTE: this is a Chrysler part number for a Mistu four cylinder exhaust flange bolt spring.)

Insert spring between the shifter and the mounting bracket at the bottom, so that the tensioner spring already on the shifter unit captures the new spring, that is, keeps it in place with the stub ends of the tensioner that stick through the shifter and bracket.  

Fix is courtesy of Craig Graunke, Chapman's Las Vegas Dodge, master diesel technician.

Subject:     [RAM] T-Case Shifter Noise Cure Found
Date:          Sat, 27 Dec 1997 22:52:47 EST
From:         HUES11 <>
To:             ramtruck

A couple weeks ago I addressed the list about a noise in the transfer case shifter in my 95 SLT CC. The noise was different than the common reports at the time as well as the description in the TSBs. The noise seemed to be the transmission of gear mesh noise up through the shifter gate and shift lever itself. It has been there to some degree since day one.

Well, after trying to pad the area of the gate that the lever rests on when in 2wd or 4wd high with little success I moved closer to the source. The ultimate fix that works is to isolate the sifter mechanism bracket from the transmission with rubber washers. I went to the local True-Value store and purchased some flat rubber washers (eight to be exact) that would fit on the shifter bracket mounting bolts. I used four washers on each of the two mounting bolts, two between the bracket and the tranny housing and two between the bolt head and the bracket.

I also put a little Loc-Tite blue on the threads to keep them in place since I couldn't really tighten them down. These washers are found in one of the little drawers where you find all sorts of odd and ends from glass mirror mounting brackets to o-rings, and of course, rubber washers. Lowes also has an assortment of little items like this. If anyone has a hissing sound from the floor of your 4wd Ram, this is the ultimate fix. My truck is nice and quiet now.

E-Mail any questions to, I'd be glad to answer.  



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