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1999-2001 Ram NV5600 Specs
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Gear Ratio
  1st 5.63
  2nd 3.38
  3rd 2.04
  4th 1.39
  5th 1.00
  6th 0.73

6 Speed Manual Transmission

  • Introduced in the 1999 model year - few were built before the 2001 MY.
  • Option code DEE
  • Manufactured by New Venture Gear 
  • Input Shaft: 1-3/8" 10 spline (after Aug 99)
  • 4x4 Output Shaft: 1-1/2" 29 spline
  • Input torque rating 550 ft-lb 
  • GVWR: 16,000 lb
  • GCVWR: 26, 000 lb
  • Cast Iron case, weight = 360 lb 
  • Fluid Capacity: 9 1/2 pints 
    • Texaco Code 1874 MTX (specs.pdf)
    • Mopar 4761526
    • Dodge spec MS-9224 oil*
  • Fill port: on driver's side, requires a 17mm Hex wrench
  • Design & Features from Mastertech issue #11
  • RPM Comparison 5-speed vs 6-speed
*Several people on the TDR forum have reported success with Amsoil Series 3000
5W-30 engine oil. The tread was lost when the TDR forums were redesigned.

There are two versions of the NV5600

NV5600 updates - news, reported problems, production changes, etc.

New for 2001

From "John P. Callan" who has installed the NV5600 in his 1998 12 Valve Ram.
     Chrylser and New Venture Gear beefed up the NV-5600 and the clutch for 2001 to better support up-rating the engine. Research at the Chrylser Proving Ground and using test trucks with uprated engines revealed that the transmission's input spline shaft sheared off (metal fatigue) after about 150,000 miles of towing their 20,000 lb.test trailer all around the western USA. So for 2001, the NV-5600 has a 1 3/8" 10 spline input shaft instead the 1 1/4" 12 spline shaft used in prior years. A new fly-wheel has an improved, larger pilot bearing, too. The clutch is 330 mm in diameter instead of the 300 mm version found in the 2000 and prior years. The new clutch can handle much more torque and is quite a bit bigger, using double the number of bolts to hold it to the fly-wheel.

Which Clutch do you have?
If you have a 13" clutch, there will be a 3/4" aluminum spacer between the rear housing and the starter. If you have a 12.25" clutch, the starter will bolt right up to the block. All DEE's manufactured after 8/99 had 1 3/8"x10 spline, and the bigger clutch set. Older 6 speeds had 1 1/4" and smaller clutch and on top of the tranny will be "DEA" in black marker.

Swap information to replace a 5-speed with the 6-speed is under construction.

Some photos of the NV5600 internal parts. This series was posted to the TDR forum thread nv-5600 PICTURES by Texas Diesel but the original link to the pictures no longer works. The photos have been reposed here.

main shaft components  intermediate shaft of main shaft assembly  parts  gear cluster with synchro ring and hub

size of input gear compared to a hand  more parts  shift forks  synchro ring

  Last Update April 28, 2002