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Automatic Transmission
Shift Linkage Adjustment
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Perform these checks and adjustments if the transmission does not shift corectly or the transmission is difficult to shift out of PARK.

(1) The linkage can slip slightly. Check for damage at the washer in the driverside fenderwell about 18in from the steering knuckle up toward the break booster. Look for shiny scuffs (about 1/16") in the linkage at the washer, and check for mud or nicks that could have caused by road debris.

(2) The linkage in the tilt wheel back plate area may be binding against the plastic around the column shroud. Pull the black plastic section that holds the hassard switch toward you as firmly as you can and wiggle it. Try the shifting again if it made a differance remove the black plastic covers and look for the pinch points. retighten while pulling toward you.

Adjustment Procedure:

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Last Update: March 12, 2007