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Automatic Transmission Couplings
Replace the plastic coupling clips before they fail!
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The OEM transmission cooler lines use plastic clips in the couplings, which can fail when subjected to high fluid temperatures while towing or hauling heavy loads in hot weather. If you plan to tow in hot weather, consider replacing these couplings before they fail and cause expensive transmission damage.

Parts List to convert to later (2001) style Transmission Cooler Lines.

Quantity Part Number Description Each Total $
2 CH52028764AA Trans Fitting 23.80 47.60
2 CH00118752 Eng. Cooler Fitting 3.01 6.02
1 CH05011244AA Tube, Out, W/temp port 91.85 91.85
1 CH04798875AB Hose, Aux Cooler 70.98 70.98
1 CH04798876AB Hose, Aux Cooler 77.66 77.66
1 CH52028673 Tube, Return to Trans 22.13 22.13
1 CH52028674 Tube, Eng. cooler to Aux 28.39 28.39
Total  344.63




Last Update: June 12, 2001