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With help from an archive posted to DiRT by bumbollini <>

To:          ramtruck
Subject:  [RAM] Reverse 'Growl'

Chris said:
<I remember a thread about a 'growling' noise that a few people Rams make when starting off in reverse. I never found (or don't remember) a conclusive answer as to whether this was normal or should be looked into. From what it sounds like, my guess would be it may be 'normal' ????>

 A guy I know has a  94 2500 and his tranny made a strange noise while backing a few years ago. A mechanic friend of his happened to hear it and told him that something wasn't getting lubricated and that's what was causing the sound. He brought it back to the dealer and they repaired it. I believe it was one of the lines in the tranny.  When ever I see him, his first question is, "Is your tranny making that sound? You better get it checked right away if it does."

95 1500 4X4 SLT SB   5.9L Now w/synthetic & V-10 Oil Filter


Date:       Tue, 31 Mar 1998 19:31:27 -0500
From:      <>
To:          "Ram Truck Mail List" <ramtruck>
Subject:  [RAM] TSB 211197

My dealer just performed TSB 211197 on my truck due to my complaint about a occasional trans moan while in reverse.  I checked and don't see that tsb listed.  Does anyone know where I can get the description of that tsb, just curious what it involves.

96 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 4x4 Club Cab Longbed FlameRed/Driftwood.


Date:       Wed, 01 Apr 1998 07:47:08 -0500
From:      KI4CY <my email address>
To:          ramtruck
Subject:  Re: [RAM] TSB 211197

I have been collecting the TSB's that Bob Bergevin posts. I am still cutting and pasting, but 21-11-97 is:

involves removing the OD unit, prop shaft(s) and transfer case if necessary, replacing the rear band adjusting lever, reaction lever and strut with high ratio components along with replacement of the regulator valve pressure plug and sleeve.



Date:       Wed, 01 Apr 1998 18:24:15 PST
From:      <>
To:          ramtruck
Subject:  [RAM] TSB211197

Don't know about the details of the TSB per se, but had the same complaint fixed on my 1500 4X4 about 3 weeks ago and they supposedly replaced the valve body in the transmission.  Anyway, no more noise.

96 1500 4X4 SB CC


Date:       Thu, 16 Apr 1998 07:50:54 -0500
From:      <>
To:          ramtruck
Subject:  Re: [RAM] Transmission noise "Moan"?????

I have heard its common. Mine had a shift problem and they put a new valve body in and it started doing it. To make a long story short I got a new transmission  before it was over.

1995 Dodge Ram


Date:       Sat, 18 Apr 1998 20:52:40 -0400
From:      <>
To:          ramtruck
Subject:  Re: [RAM] Transmission noise "Moan"?????

psmith2 wrote:
> I have a 96 2500 4x4, and I have had the same thing.  I talked to a Dealer
> about it and he said it was the transmission fluid being pumped, it only
> does it when it's cold.  Sometimes its louder than others.  It hasn't
> affected the reverse movement or anything yet.  A friend of mine is a
> mechanic and he said it could be the pump.
> 96 2500 4x4 SB Club Cab

It was about 70 here in central New Jersey yesterday... and 65 when I hopped in the truck today... and on both occasions, the tranny 'moaned' when I put it in reverse. As soon as I put it in drive, the 'moan' went away. So, its not only a cold weather issue. I'm going to make a call Monday morning to have it checked out... this is not something I appreciate with 10K on a 98 truck.



Date:       Tue, 10 Nov 1998 17:06:00 -0700
From:      "Hemmele, Raymond" <>
Subject:   DiRT: New Transmission

I posted a few weeks ago regarding a problem with my 98 1500 QC.  The problem at the time was a hard starting condition and a moan in the transmission in reverse.  They have fixed the hard starting condition by replacing the fuel pump but their diagnosis of the transmission moan was another story.  They first replaced the valve body with a brand new unit but still found there to be a moaning noise.  The decision now it to replace the entire transmission!

Only 3000 miles on the truck !



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