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Dodge Ram Dana 70 axle specifications
1994-2001 Ram Dana 70 Rear Axle Specs
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Dana 70 Rear Axle (267 RBI)
Used on 2500 with automatic and V10 or Diesel
Axle Type
Thermal Stable SAE 80W-90*
Lube Capacity
7.0 pints ( 3.311 L ) 
7.75 pints ( 3.666 L )(a) 
Axle Shafts
35 Spline, 1.50" diameter
Axle Ratio Options 
3.54, 4.10 
Carrier Split
.4.10 and down, 4.56 and up 
Ring Gear
10.50 in. ( 266.7 mm ) 
0.004- 0.009 in. ( 0.10- 0.23 mm ) 
Pinion Standard Setting 
5.375 in. ( 136.525 mm ) 
Pinion Bearing Preload
Original Bearing 
New Bearing 
10- 20 in. lbs. ( 1- 3 N.m ) 
20- 40 in. lbs. ( 2- 5 N.m ) 
Traction aids available:

Detroit locker
Auburn Limited slip
ARB Air Locker

Dana Bill of Materials #
1994-95 2500 2WD 605590
1994-95 2500 4WD 605588
1996 2500 2WD 605787

*    Power-lok differentials require the addition of 8 oz of friction modifier.
(a) A report on the TDR forum says it takes 3 Qt. to refill

Dana 70 Axle Torque Specs
Fill Hole Plug
25 ft. lbs. (34 Nm)
Bolt, Differential Cover
30 ft. lbs. (41 Nm)
Bolt, Bearing Cap
80 ft. lbs. (108 Nm)
Nut Pinion-Minimum
215-330 ft. lbs. (292-447 Nm)
Bolt, Ring Gear
120-140 ft. lbs. (163-190 Nm)
Bolt, Axle to hub
90 ft. lbs. (123 Nm)
Hub Nut
120-140 ft. lbs. (163-190 Nm)

Dana 70 (267 RBI) Axle Description

      The 267 Rear Beam-design Iron (RBI) axle housing consists of a iron center casting (differential housing) with axle tubes extending from the center section sides. The axle tubes are pressed into the differential housing to form a one-piece axle housing assembly. The integral type differential housing hypoid gear housing has a pinion center line below the centerline of the ring gear.
       Full floating axle shafts are retained by bolts attached to the wheel hub, which rides on two bearings at the outboard end of the axle tubes. The axle shafts may be removed without disturbing the wheels, hubs, or wheel bearings. The wheel support bearings are opposed tapered roller bearings contained in the hub assembly.
       A removable stamped steel cover provides access for inspection and maintenance of the differential assembly. A small stamped metal axle gear ratio identification tag is attached to the cover by one of the cover bolts. This tag also lists the number of ring gear and pinion teeth.
       The differential case of the open differential is a one-piece design. The differential pinion mate shaft is retained by a roll pin. Differential bearing preload and ring gear backlash are adjusted by shims between the differential bearing cones and the differential case. Pinion bearing preload is set by solid shims on the pinion.

      An option Power-Lok limited slip differential features a two-piece differential case, four pinion gears, and a two piece pinion mate cross shaft. The cross shaft provides a ramping motion against a clutch pack on each side gear to transfer wheel torque under poor traction conditions.. Each clutch packs consists of two clutch disks and three plates, and fits between a side gear and the carrier case. One plate and one disk in each pack is dished.

Additional features:


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