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  Prevent Ram AC Condensation Buildup  
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 The Ram AC system has a vent line that runs from the Evaporator coil under the dashboard, through the firewall, and into the engine compartment. When the truck is traveling at speed into a headwind, air pressure under the hood can prevent the condensation from draining properly. As water backs up, it can run onto the floor and saturate the carpet or it may collect inside the evaporator housing and grow mold. To keep the condensation draining, use a piece of tubing to extend the drain.
Subject:    AC Odor
From:       "J. David" <>

> A month or so back there was a discussion on the list on the odors
> coming from several peoples AC units.  Well, after a little under two
> months, it has appeared here.

 I used 5/8" ID plastic (Tygon?) tubing I got at Home Depot and bought 2' to have enough. I used a small hose clamp on the outlet and then ran the tube down and back to the frame where I used a cable tie to secure it. Make sure the tube is long enough so that there are no kinks when you run it to the frame. I ended up using about 18" of the stuff.




Last Update: January 17, 1999