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  Eliminating Moldy AC Odor  
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Subject:  AC Odor
From: (travis)

To remove the moldy odor from the A/C, get a can of Lysol. With the truck running, turn on the HVAC control to high, outside air. Open the hood and spray the Lysol into the vent that brings in the outside air. It is located in the cowl area; you will know if you are getting it in the vent if you smell Lysol in the cab. (The smell of lysol will go away after a half hour or so.) The mold odor will be gone along with the lysol smell. When the moldy odor smell comes back, get more Lysol and use the whole can. I did this to my Lincoln, and it works real well. My Ram has no odor yet.  



Last Update: January 19, 1999