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94 Ram Steering Gear Adjustments

Instructions from the 1994 Ram Service Manual
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  1. Place front wheels  in straight ahead position
  2. Disconnect and cap power steering hydraulic hoses
  3. Remove coupler pinch bolt at steering gear and slide shaft off gear (Fig 3)
  4. Mark pitman shaft and pitman arm for reassembly reference. Remove pitman arm from shaft with puller C-4150A (Fig 4).
  5. Remove steering gear retaining bolts and nuts, and remove steering gear from vehicle.
  1. Position the steering gear on the frame rail and install the bolts. Tighten mounting bolts to 140 ft-lbs (190 Nm).
  2. Align steering coupler on gear shaft. Install pinch bolt and tighten to 36 ft-lbs (49 Nm).
  3. Align and install pitman arm.
  4. Install the washer and retaining nut on the pitman shaft. Tighten nut to 185 ft-lbs (251 Nm).
  5. Connect fluid hoses to steering gear, tighten to 23 ft-lbs (31 Nm). Add fluid, refer to Power Steering Pump Initial Operation.
NOTE: keep your fingers from inside the steering wheel when the engine is started and as air is purged from the lines. A failure in the system can spin the steering wheel with enough force to break fingers and dislocate thumbs. - Dave

Steering Gear Adjustments

CAUTION: Steering gear must be adjusted as outlined. Failure to adhere to the procedure may result in gear damage or improper steering response.

Remove the gear by following the instructions above, and mount it in a vise. Drain the power steering fluid and make the following adjustments in order:

Worm Thrust Bearing Preload Adjustment
  1. Remove adjuster plug locknut (Fig 5).
  2. Turn the adjuster in with  spanner wrench C-4381. Tighten the plug and thrust bearing in the housing until firmly bottomed in housing.
  3. Place an index mark on the housing even with one of the holes in adjuster plug (Fig 6).
  4. Measure back (counterclockwise) 13 mm (0.50") and mark housing (Fig7).
  5. Rotate adjustment plug back (counterclockwise) with spanner wrench until hole is aligned with the second mark (Fig 8).
  6. Install and tighten locknut to 80 ft-lbs (109 Nm). Be sure adjustment plug does not turn while tightening the locknut.
Over-Center Adjustment
  1. Rotate stub shaft from stop to stop and count the number of turns.
  2. Starting at either stop, turn the stub shaft back 1/2 the total number of turns. This is the center of the gear travel. (Fig 9).
  3. Turn the pitman shaft adjuster screw back (COUNTERCLOCKWISE) until extended, the turn back in (CLOCKWISE) one half turn.
  4. Place the torque wrench in the vertical position on the stub shaft. Rotate the wrench 45 degrees each side of center and record the highest rotational torque on center (Fig 10).
  5. Turn the adjuster in until torque to turn the stub shaft is 6.0 to 10.0 in-lbs (0.6 to 1.2 Nm) more than the reading recorded in step 4.
  6. Prevent the adjuster screw from turning while tightening the lock nut. Tighten the adjuster lock nut to 43 ft-lbs (58 Nm).


CAUTION: Cleanliness is extremely important when repairing a power steering gear. Keep the bench, tools, and components clean at all times. Thoroughly clean the exterior of the steering gear with cleaning solvent before disassembly. Drain as much of the fluid as possible. Use protective vise jaws at all times when clamping components. During assembly, lubricate all components with power steering fluid except when instructed otherwise (Fig 11)

-  disassembly information not posted at this time -