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Mopar Mud Flaps

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Center Punch
3/32 & 3/16" Drill Bits

Mopar Part No.

Price: Aprox $32.00


The Mopar mud flaps come in 4x2 and 4x4 versions. I chose the 4x4 version which is essentially the 4x2 version with an extra rubber 'extender' flap with the RAM logo. I figured I could use the extenders in the winter for water-spray protection and take them off during the summer and still have the regular mud flaps to protect from rocks, pebbles, and other road debris. 


  1. Remove wheel using the supplied jack. 
  2. Wipe away dirt from the vehicle panel where the splash guard will contact. As you can see, that's about all I cleaned. (Picture)
  3. Drill out partial hole with 3/16" drill bit. (Picture)
  4. Holding splash guard tightly against the body, mark all three hole location centers on fender edge.
  5. Remove the splash guard. Center punch the marked locations, and using a 3/32" drill bit, drill a pilot hole. Coat the exposed metal with a zinc rich primer or rustproofing to prevent rust. (Picture) NOTE: I only drilled 2 of these holes and two of them already existed.
  6. Assemble extension as shown in Diagram "A" using self tapping screws (7 provided). Do not overtighten screws.
  7. Position splash guard tightly and install using BI-Wax coated screws (3 provided). Diagram "B"
  8. Repeat procedure for other side.
  9. Reinstall wheels, tightening lug nuts to factory specifications. 

View pictures of the 4x2 and 4x4 splash guards.



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