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Power Window Modification
Enabling power windows without the key in the "Run" position
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Posted to DiRT by Mike Beatty      mcb56<at>

If you've ever tried to lower your power windows only to find that you forgot to bring your keys, I found a way to make
them hot at all times.

Remove the fuse panel cover and look near the top. There are 1 or 2 circuit breakers labeled CB1 and CB2. CB1 is for
the windows and CB2 is for power seats if you have them.

Right side of CB1 is hot with the key in the run position only. Right side of CB2 is hot all the time.

Remove CB1 and CB2 if there. Make a jumper with a short piece of wire with a male spade terminal on one end and
about 1/4" stripped off of the other. Flatten the bare end of the jumper and insert it into the LEFT slot of CB2. Insert the
spade terminal into the LEFT slot of CB1. Insert a CB into CB2 ONLY. This retains the protection of the circuit breaker
for both the windows and seats if you have them.

ote: If by chance you insert CB2 before inserting the spade terminal and draw a spark, you will probably lose the horn,
radio, and other functions. There is a fuse in the power distribution box under the hood. It is a 30A one.

Note: This works on 1994 through 1997 Rams. 1998+ rams may use different wiring.


Last update: July 8, 2003