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Ram Stereo Install Notes

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Subject:       Re: DODGE RADIO INSTALL..
From:          Joe <>

'95 RAM.

Remove ashtray and two Phillips screws securing ashtray bracket.  With key in the ignition in the "ON" position, place automatic trans gear selector in the D1 position.  The large instrument panel trim piece is secured by a dozen or so clips all the way around.  Unsnap these, and disconnect the connectors for the cigar lighter and power plug.  Tip the top of the trim panel towards the rear and it should lift out.  The radio is held in place by two 10mm hex-head screws.  Remove these and
slide the radio out about four inches.  Carefully lift the locking tabs and disconnect both wiring harness connectors on the upper left of the radio.  Disconnect the antenna and you should have a radio in your hands.

I give you about fifteen minutes max to swap the radio.  I recommend checking the function of the new radio just after connecting the harnesses and antenna, so you don't have to disassemble anything again if it doesn't work.



My 98 2500 is due to be shipped.  I plan on ordering the MOPAR 6
disk CD changer which can be controlled through the upgraded radio which
I am also getting.  The accessory catalog says that this can be mounted
under the seat but I'm not sure this is true of the driver's side since
my truck will have a power drivers seat.  Can this be installed under
the passenger seat,  and does the CD wiring just plug into the back of the

Subject:       Re: Cd Player Installation
From:          Dave Gentile <>

I installed mine under the driver's seat in my 98 1500 CC. I don't have the power seats but there was plenty of space. I hacked together a shelf from 1" pine I had laying around. Here's what I did. Maybe it'll help.

The shelf is about 8 inches deep (fore-aft) with 45-degree mitered flanges on either side that allow it to fit perfectly edge-wise into the u-shaped forward seat bracket.  The angled flanges make the shelf very stiff. I fastened it with 4  or 5 drywall screws through holes drilled through the bracket into the edge of the shelf. The changer was mounted under the shelf with the MOPAR hardware and sits about 2-3" off the floor.

The beauty is that the seat bracket is attached to the body with 4 bolts and comes off easily allowing you to build the shelf and mount the changer to it on a workbench then bolt the whole thing back into the truck. I mounted the changer far enough back so I can't hit it with my feet. The changer is secure and invisible, yet accessible.

On my truck the passenger seat has a similar bracket but it's welded to the seat frame. It would be much more difficult to mount to this one.

As far as wiring goes, the $35 mounting kit comes with a long cable that connects the radio to the changer. The12VDC power goes through the cable too. That's it, one plug --couldn't be easier. I routed it down the driver-side firewall, along side the parking brake cable and under the seat through an existing wiring harness hole in the carpet.

I've had in in for about two months now. It's never skipped and sounds great with the Infinity speakers. Good Luck,     Dave Gentile-Chandler, AZ

Subject:       Re: Cd Player Installation
From:          Jeff Layton <>

I have a similar truck, and I have the CD changer on order (

CD Changer                 82202700  $324.50
CD Changer Install Kit     82300930  $ 27.50

I do have power seats as well - leather. I can fit my Sony 10 disc CD changer (i.e. fat) under the *driver's* seat. A 12 disc will fit under the passenger seat. It's amazingly huge, even on the driver's side w/ the motors.

Jeff Layton


Last Update March 1, 1998