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KEYLESS Entry Programming

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Subject:       KEYLESS Entry Programming
From:          Joe <>

If this will help the folks with 97-98 keyless entry systems, I would love to resolve this issue.

I installed a MOPAR EVS-II & Keyless Entry alarm system on my 1995 RAM. There are several features which can be activated/deactivated according to the owner's preferences:

   1. automatic arming (factory setting: enabled)
   2. arm/disarm chirps (factory setting: enabled)
   3. door unlock when ignition key is turned off (factory: disabled)

As detailed in the manufacturer's installation instructions, items 1) and 2) above are changed by disconnecting power from the control module, opening up the case, and cutting the "programming loops" or wires in the circuit board for each feature - not so easy to restore.

The third item can user-programmed at any time as follows:

   1. Enter the vehicle, shut all doors and wait for the dome light to go out.

   2. Complete the next three actions within 5 seconds:
      a. Turn the ignition key to the "ON" position
      b. Turn the dome light "ON" and "OFF" three times
      c. Turn ignition "OFF"

   3. Press the "VALET" button on the dash monitor to toggle the feature on or off.  The green LED indicates the status of the feature-
      ON - ignition unlock feature enabled
      OFF - ignition unlock feature disabled

   4. Turn the ignition key "ON" to store the setting and exit the programming mode.

If the systems are at all alike, the "programming" of the keyless entry system items 1) and 2) sounds simple enough for even a dealership to do!  Maybe someone reading this can determine how exactly to do it for a factory installed 97-98 keyless entry system.



Last Update April 5, 1998