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Ram Fog Light Wiring Notes

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    Factory fog light options and dealer installed fog lights were unavailable on early 2500/3500 diesel Ram with automatic transmissions because the fog lights interfere with the transmission cooler.

Several suggestions for people who wish to add fog lights have been posted to the RTML. They are being collected here.

Fog lights: MOPAR  55076904.AB and 55076941.AB
wiring harness: MOPAR 56021863.AB

PIAA 510 fit the factory holes perfect. The PIAA Dual Sport 900 lights (Super White driving/Ion Crystal fog) fit very nicely in the rectangular openings in the bumper.

Subject:       Fog Lights

Enough messages have been cluttering my mailbox saying "I can't get fog lights, what do I do?" that I guess it is time to mention this again.

The factory Fog lights are made by North American Lighting.  This is an OEM company owned by - get this - Hella International.  If you go and visit your local auto parts house and flip through their Hella catalog, you will come across a lamp that looks surprisingly similar to the OEM fog lights on the Ram.  This is the only Projector style lamp Hella makes.  The big difference is that the Hella version uses an H3 bulb.  So, you'll end up with a fog lamp that not only looks like a factory piece, but is actually more powerful.

A place like Pep Boys can even install it for you.  All that you need from the dealer is the dash switch.

Seems like a nice solution to me.

Subject:        Re: cummins and fog lights
From:           "weather" <>

I had the same problem here's what I did:

1) Order the factory light switch (replaces existing passenger air bag plate w/ fog lamp switch (~ $75).  This comes with ALL the wiring (which you do not need if you ordered SLT).  Part # 82204221 (list $91.50, my cost was $76.80).

2)  Bought "BLAZER" fog lamps @ Walmart (~ $40), these fit in the factory holes, you will have to drill a hole in the plastic to mount the bolt through (very easy).       NOTE:  Be sure to check for clearance behind your fog lamps, keep this in mind when you drill your holes.  You'll be able to tell where you can put the holes to allow for clearance to make adjustments to beam height etc.

3)  Your truck has the factory fog lamp wiring already in when you pull of the front part of the dash (one screw located @ power outlet), unhook the power outlet plug and follow the wiring down, you will find a plug with foam wrapped around it.  This is the plug you will plug into your factory switch.         NOTE:  the most difficult part of this is disconnecting the air bag plug, I had  to go behind the plastic bottom (below cup holder (two screws)) and unhook  the air bag plugs there so I had more room to pull out the air bag plate to  install the new one (w/ fog lamp switch).

4)  There is a plug located near the center of the bumper directly underneath the radiator, this is the fog lamp connector.  You will need to connect your fog lamp wiring to this.  I cut off the connector and just hooked the wires together (2 lamps, one ground wire).

5)  One more thing to buy, you will need another relay switch, the factory switch kit comes with one relay, you need another just like it (same as the other in the Power Control Unit).  I'm still waiting for my relay to come in, dealer had to order one (~ $10).  For now, I'm using my horn relay (this leaves me w/out a horn).  You will see that the PCU has two openings for Fog lamp relays (1 & 2).

6)  I recommend using the relay provided w/ the kit and your horn relay to test your fog lamps to see if they work.  The factory wiring is such that the lamps will only work when your parking lights or headlights are on, also the lamps will cut off when high beams are used.

7)  Good luck, should be easy for you to install.  I had a hell of a time, I learned it all the hard way.  By the way, the lights look very nice, better than the factory ones!  All for less than $150.

If you have any ?'s, email me @   Gabe  

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