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Ram Door Buzzer Notes/Modifications

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Removing the buzzer/chime   Simple way to turn off  the chime    Upgrading the buzzer to a chime

Removing the buzzer/chime

Subject:       Re:Door open buzzer
From:          "Dick Campagna" <>

> How do I get rid of the annoying door open buzzer. It goes off anytime the
> driver's door is open and the keys are in the ignition. I think someone
> mentioned pushing the button in and out but that didn't get me anywhere.

Remove the knee panel under the steering column.  To the right of the steering column is a blue box, which contains the chime (I don't have a buzzer).  I simply opened the box and removed the striker and disc that it strikes.  I saved the parts.  In retrospect, I shoulda just installed a cutoff switch for when I don't want it to chime (like someone else did).  I will do that one of these days.     Dick (& Geri) Campagna, Mt Laurel, NJ 

Simple way to turn off  the chime while door is open.  ('97+ models only)

I lost the original posting which told how with some '97 and '98 Rams you can open the door with the key in the ignition, press the drivers door switch button, and silence the buzzer. - Dave

Subject:       Re: [RAM] Door chime listening to radio
From:          "Brand, Bob" <>

Thanks for giving me clue here.  I went out to the truck, opened the driver's door, put the key in, turned the key to ACC, chimes went off with the door still open (as it should).  I then pushed the driver's door switch once, heard a relay kick in, and voila! the chimes stopped and the music kept playing.

Looking forward to many chime-free afternoons of waxing and tinkering!

 - - - - -
Bob Brand

Subject:       re: [RAM] Door open buzzer
Date:           Thu, 05 Mar 1998 18:42:53 -0800
From:          Joe <>

I found out today that only 97 and 98 model with the remote keyless entry system have the logic module which deactivates the chime after an additional cycling of the door jamb switch.  That module is NOT interchangeable with the buzzer or chime module on other 94-98 vehicles.  The buzzer, however, can be upgraded to a chime on these models.     Joe

2000+ Models:

Remove the dash panel under the steering wheel. When you remove the panel you will see a sheet metal frame that supports the dash, look up and left (ie. port or drivers side) and you will see a long and flat plug with about 25 or 30 wires attached to the metal frame. That plug will have three baby blue wires at one end. Remove the plug from the sheet metal frame and pull it down where you can work with it. If you notice it has wires going in one side and none comming out the other side, thats because it is a jumper. Remove the jumper cap off the plug and then you need to remove the pin lock and and depin (remove) the outside baby blue wire. Those wires are grounds that go to the dinger box , headlight and ignition switch. When either or both headlight or ignition go to ground the dingerbox starts dinging. Plug the jumper cap back on and everthing except the key in the ignition should work as in dinging when you forgot to turn your headlights off.

- or -

If you open up the steering column housing (the support for the iginition switch), you will see a small flat connector with two (four ?) very small wires located right by the ignition switch. Un plug this should kill the Key dinger only. Need a long skinny torx to take out the screws holding the housing together.

Upgrading the buzzer to a chime

Subject:       Re: chimes or buzzers?
From:          Joe <>

A part number for the "chiming" module on older RAMs is 56007373. This can replace the buzzer on any 1994-96 module.  I am not sure of the location of the buzzer module on the 97-98 trucks, but the pins are still configured the same.  The chime module is about 3x longer than the buzzer module.

Unfortunately, the disable feature which has been described on this site is only available with the keyless entry system option on the new RAMS.  The chime function on that system is part of the keyless entry module and wiring harness (very different from just the buzzer or chime).

pin configuration of the above 56007373 module:

- - - -
  - -

That number comes from a 1995 model.  Your dealer would know if that number has been superseded by a newer one.    Joe

Subject: chimes to replace the '97 buzzer
From:    bernard rate <>

I got the chime module 56007373 to replace my buzzer.

On my '97 the buzzer module lives in the fuse block, but there is not enough room for the longer chime module.  I made an extension cable and relocated the chime back to where it was on the '96 models.



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