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Brite Box for Brighter High Beams
Enable low beam while high beam is selected.


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       This ingenious box allows the low beam filaments to remain on when the high beam is activated, which almost doubles the effective light output of the high beam because of the additional pattern fill from the low beam. The Bright Box uses a separate fused feed from the battery for the low beam filament, and it will not overload the headlight switch.

Tools needed for installation:

Installation Procedure (Total installation time is about 45 minutes):

The OEM headlight connectors have short leads and free space under my hood is becoming tight, so I decided to mount the Brite Box on the battery tray under the battery on the passenger side of the truck.
Remove the ground terminal from the battery with a 13 mm wrench. Use the same wrench to remove the positive terminal from the battery, and protect it from accidental contact with the vehicle chassis (I used a heavy plastic bag and duct tape).
Remove the two battery clamp bolts with an 8 mm wrench. Remove the battery from the truck - you may leave the battery hold down clamp on the battery.

Remove the two bottom battery tray nuts with a 13 mm socket wrench.

Note: All of the battery tray bolts and nuts are 15 mm on Sue's 2001 Ram.

Remove the two battery tray side bolts with a 13 mm socket wrench.
Remove the two nuts accessible from under the truck in front of the fender liner (13 mm wrench). These can be seen by looking up between the bumper and plastic fender liner.
I mounted the Brite Box on the battery tray support leg. Drill two 3/16" holes and use the sheet metal screws included with the box to attach the box to the tray.

Unplug the OEM headlight connector from the headlight.

Reinstall the battery tray. Install and tighten the tray mounting bolts and nuts, making sure that no wires are trapped under or behind the tray flanges, bolts, and nuts

Plug the Bright Box headlight connector onto the headlight.

Plug the OEM headlight connector onto the Bright Box.

Install the supplied 20 Amp fuse in the Bright Box power lead (this is much easier to do before the battery is installed).

Install the battery, battery clamp bolts, and battery terminals. Connect the Bright Box power lead to the battery positive terminal (a 5/16" stainless steel nut added to the battery clamp bolt makes it easy to connect additional loads to the battery).

Test the Bright Box by turning the headlamps on and make sure they are set to low beam. Now pull the high beam switch until you see the brighter pattern from the highs - both the high beams and low beams are lit. Continue pulling the switch until it clicks to turn on the highs and then release the switch. Normally the low beams go out when the switch is released, leaving only the high beams on. If the light pattern did not change, both filaments are lit and the box is working correctly. The Bright Box will make night driving more enjoyable.

NOTE: The literature included with the kit says that Osram / Sylvania are superior to Wagner or GE bulbs because Osram / Sylvania bulbs use larger support and conductor wires. The stronger wires withstand the higher temperatures produced in the bulb when both filaments are lit.

NOTE: Do not use bulbs with higher wattage than the original bulbs, running both filaments on a high power bulb can warp the headlamp housing.



Last update: September 10, 2001