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Converting the Rear Drums to Disc Brakes
This kit replaces the drum brakes on 1994-1999 2wd/4wd 2500 Rams
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By Glenn Maurer:

Got Brakes? Severe Service Brake Upgrade Packages

    EGR now offers a full line of Severe Service Brake Upgrade Kits for all Cars and Pickups. Engineered and application specific depending on gross vehicle weight rating, load and driving style.

    Gas-Slotted or Cross-Drilled vented OEM factory sized front rotors to provide more cooling surface area and provide pad out gassing. Featuring a symmetrical and directional vent pattern to provide cooler and longer lasting rotors. Virtually eliminating glazing, warpage and stress cracking. Providing better initial bite and superior heat dissipation.
     Severe Service Blue-Printed Calipers with special phenalic or stainless steel pistons, high temp Silicon seals and boots (depending on application), stainless steel or hard coated slider pins, high heat pin lube and required hardware. Double pressure tested and covered by a life time guarantee. These Remanufactured units provide superior performance and heat dissipation based on the piston upgrade and Design.
     Special Carbon Kevlar integrally molded Disc Pads and Segmented Brake Shoes. The latest technology now allows us to provide segmented Pads and Shoes! Heat cured to remove air pockets from the compressed friction material to eliminate brake noise and provide unsurpassed heat transfer. Utilizing Carbon Kevlar technology, the fiber strands in conjunction with metal particles combine to absorb vibration, a leading cause of brake noise. Allowing faster heat dissipation, a major cause of warped and stress cracked rotors. Quicker heat dissipation means less fade and less pedal pressure, which in turn results in less pad and rotor wear. The dynamic coefficient actually grips better as the temperature goes up. Our Carbon Kevlar pads and shoes provide unequaled stopping distances for heavy loads and high heat applications. And are the ultimate for heavy towing and load requirements. Available for most all vehicles and trailers as well.

Brake Technical Data:

    Motul RBF 600 Synthetic Brake Fluid, boasts extremely high boiling points: Dry 594 degrees And Wet 421 degrees, with exceptional recovery time. Virtually eliminates vapor lock and brake fade. Motul 600 is fully miscible with synthetic brake fluids complying with SAE J1703, DOT 3,4, and 5.1, Which it can replace with out any special precautionary measures. Works safely with all ABS systems. Not to be used with mineral based or silicon fluids. Simply the best fluid available for high temperature and high performance braking systems. Made in France.
     Larger Wheel Cylinders available for some application (i.e. Dodge Ram Cummins etc). These larger wheel cylinders provide more clamping force to the rear axle providing more stopping force and more heat dissipation in to the rear drums reducing the thermal load on the front braking system. Russell Performance Speed Bleeders and Stainless Steel Brake lines available for most applications.

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From New! Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit for 94, posted on the TDRoundtable:

Yes, We have a Rear Disk Brake Conversion Kit for 1994-1999, 2 & 4wd (Single Rear Wheel only) Kits Fit either Dana 70 or Dana 80 F.F. axles!! The complete Bolt On kit has; Two Single Piston Calipers, Disc Pads, Vented Rotors, Adjustable Proportioning Valve,S/S hose extensions and required Brackets, Hardware and step by step instructions. The kit utilizes off the shelf Rotors and Pads that can be replaced from anywhere in the US. The kit can installed by anyone that's handy with hand tools. Typical installation time apprx. 4-5 hrs. The complete Kit cost $1999.00 plus freight. Contact Glenn Maurer @ EGR for more details. 909-868-1168.


Last update: September 17, 1999