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Better Front Disc Brakes for Rams
Front brake caliper upgrade for 1994-1998 2wd/4wd 1500 Rams
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By Glenn Maurer:

Got Brakes? A Bolt On Solution To Premature Pad Wear And Under Braking

Big Brake Caliper Kit - The Only Bolt-On Replacement Caliper To Solve Premature Pad Wear and Under Braking Performance


These calipers and rotors provide:

Superior Braking Performance & Heat Control!
Faster Stops & Less Fade, 70 to 200 Degrees Cooler!
More Balanced Braking, Less Pulling!
Reduced Rotor Warping & Cracking!
Increased Pad & Rotor Service Life!

    Independent test results have shown shorter stopping distances by as much as 68 feet. Greatly reduced brake fade and extended pad life are also evident in the Link West, Inc. test data.
    Here's what Tad Kyle - Owner of multiple Big O Tire stores had to say: "I could not stop my 1998 Dodge Ram 4x4 in an emergency with both feet on the pedal. With the Big Brake Caliper I reduced the distance on my freeway driving from four car lengths to two, because I now know I can stop in time."

Caliper Features:

finned caliper photo Finned Caliper Housing for Better Cooling.
Stiffer Bridging for less Caliper Flex. Massive "Kidney Shaped" Vented Piston for more even Pad pressure.
Patented guide bolt kit, Corrosive resistant sleeves, Greaseless & self lubed bushings & Teflon wipers.

Package Includes:

slotted rotor  cross drilled rotor  cutaway of vented rotor

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Last update: September 17, 1999