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Adding Underseat Storage to a Ram
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 Subject:  Re: under seat storage
From:      Mark Gonske <>

> Could you find the part number for the underseat storage.

From Steve Brittain at 1400 Lowell Dodge (800-23-DODGE):  the following prices include a 20% discount:

Mark Gonske K4MAG

Subject:    Re: under seat storage
From:       "Mr Ron" <>

I've looked at the under-the-rear-seat storage on the  later '98s, and at the outrageous prices from the  parts department.

After the dealer told me they didn't know of the underseat storage, (back in Feb-Mar)and hearing people talk about the unreal prices they are being quoted(compared to the factory option of $55). I spent an hour with a piece of 3/4" pine and a jig saw..................

It's 3 sided and held down by seat pressure and the tang by the jack keeps it from sliding forward. I kept it short by about a foot on the drivers side just in case I need to throw something under the rear seat without having to lift the seat or if the kids or dog are sitting on the
rear seat.

I had to do several cuts to get it to fit the floor and seat bottom but, it works great and holds things from rolling out.



Last Update: January 19, 1999