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Auxiliary Fuel Tank Addition

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Subject:   Re: [RAM] auxiliary fuel tanks

I work with a limited budget, but wanted an aux. tank.  A friend of mine had gone to a truck salvage yard and bought an 18 wheeler alum. tank.  It has a 20 inch diameter and 62 inches long.  Capacity is 84 gallons, and it came with the mounts that bolted to the truck frame.  It looked like something that would work for me without a lot of expense.  I purchased the mate to that tank.  In the bottom of the tank was a 3/4 inch plug.  With a 3/4 inch hose running to the main tank, fuel flows in a hurry.  With a little scrubbing it cleaned up rather nicely.  It is plumbed into the fuel tank filler hose.  I disconnected the filler hose from the side door on the truck.  I used clamps to make a secure connection and there are no leaks.  The bottom tank fills from the big tank by gravity flow.  When the gauge on the dash begins to fall (about 1,200 miles later) you know the aux tank is empty.  The tank is DOT approved and I am very pleased with this solution.  The tank cost $150, with all parts and installation, I have about $250 invested.     Gary

Subject:   EXTRA FUEL TANKS---

A few days ago there was some discussion about add on fuel tanks.  I have had an aluminum tank for 3 1/2 years with no trouble--the fuel is gravity fed into the return line on the main tank filler with an electric shut off valve.  I mail ordered the  tank--it was shipped UPS and installed it myself with no problems.  Here is the address and phone number of the company I purchased the tank from.  They have almost any combination of storage/fuel, fuel only, storage only that you could want.

S & S Freight Service
16 W Broadway St.
Shelburn, IN 47879
812 397 2192