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This information appears in the Dodge Viper service manual relating to gasoline.

Posted to DiRT by Bob Bergevin

    "...light spark knock at low engine speeds is not harmful to your engine. However, continued heavy knock at high speeds can cause damage and should be reported to your dealer. Poor quality gasoline can cause hard starting, stalling and stumble. If you experience these problems, try another brand of gasoline before considering service to your vehicle. Over 40 vehicle manufacturers worldwide have issued and endorsed specs to define fuel properties that deliver performance and durability to your vehicle. We recommend fuels that have met the World Wide Fuel Charter (WWFC) specs."
    "...many areas of the country require the use of cleaner burning fuel referred to as 'reformulated' gasoline. This contains oxygenates and are specifically blended to reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality. Properly blended reformulated gasoline will provide excellent performance in your vehicle."
    "...Some fuel suppliers blend unleaded gas with oxygenates such as 10% ethanol, MTBE and ETBE. These additaves are required in some parts of the country during winter months to reduce co emissions. These fuels are may be used in yoiur vehicle. DO NOT USE GASOLINE CONTAINING METHANOL. THIS PRODUCT MAY DAMAGE CRITICAL FUEL SYSTEM COMPONENTS."
    "...MMT is a manganese-containing metallic additive that is blended into some gasoline to increase octane. There is no advantage using this type beyond gas with the same octane number without MMT. Some MMT blends may reduce spark plug life and reduce emission system life in some vehicles. DC recommends that MMT fuel NOT be used in its vehicles. Since the MMT component is not noted on the pump, you should inquire of your dealer if his product cantains MMT. Those living in Canada must be careful to locate MMT free gasoline as Canada permits MMT use at much higher levels than in the United States. MMT is prohibited from reformulated gas in Federal and California reformulated gas."
    "...sulfur in gasoline-if you live in the northeast US, your vehicle may have been designed to meet California emission standards because of state regulations. If so, your vehicle will operate satisfactorly on low-sulfur fuels, and if the fuels in the northeast are not California blended, then your vehicle will operate properly, but the emission system may be affected. The performance of the Cat converter may be affected and the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) may illuminate. You should try a different brand of fuel or one having low sulfur content. Please be aware if the MIL, Check Engine lite or Service Engine lite is flashing IMMEDIATE service is necessary."


NOTE: See TSB 14-08-97  for a discussion of the Gasoline Driveability Index (DI)



Last Update: April 14, 2000