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Ram V10 Thermostat Replacement

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Subject:       [RAM] V-10 Thermostat.
Date:           Mon, 13 Apr 1998 08:56:03 -0500 (EST)
To:              RTML

To remove the thermostat, this is what I had to do:

1) Remove the upper radiator hose at the thermostat housing.  Use medium channel-lock pliers to open squeeze clamp and pull up hose to release hose.  Wiggle hose off housing.

2) Use pliers to separate heater hose.  Had to remove air intake hose to get to heater hose junction.  Heater hose in my truck was in 2 pieces and linked with a connector with two clamps.  Just remove one clamp.  At the same time, I installed the 'T' fitting from the Prestone flush and fill kit to the other hose.

3) Pull the two connectors off the two temperature sending units on the top of the housing.  The black ground wire can stay attached.  (actually all the wires can stay, but it is easier to unbolt the housing with the two sending units unplugged.)

4) Loosen accessory drive belt.  Use 5/8" wrench on idler pulley to loosen.

5)  Remove bolts from alternator.  9/16" wrench and sock needed.

6)  Remove alternator support bracket between intake and alternator mount post.  9/16"

7) Loosen AC compressor, don't have to remove bolts.  1/2"

8)  Lift alternator up off mounting post and pull forward until the bolt on the Thermostat housing is accessible.

9)  Undo all 6 bolts on Thermostat housing. 1/2"

10) use needle nose pliers to pull bolts free.  Or be careful pulling up housing not to drop bolts.  There is a hole in the engine brace that these bolts fit into just nice.  Guess How I know.  (^_^)  Thank god I had a bolt to use as a spare.

11) Ease housing up.  Easier to lift a little and move forward and to the left to clear the right edge of the housing from the alternator support's mount on the intake, and then remove the housing at an angle.  Right side up.

12) Reach in and pull up Thermostat from the hole on the right.

13) There is a seal in the hole that can be pulled out easy with a seal removal tool of any type, but pounding in the new seal would be tough without a seal driver.  I left it alone as it was in good shape and fit tight on the thermostat.  Also, I don't have the right size seal driver.  One is too small, and the other is too big to get into the engine location.

Now, I made sure the gasket in the housing was pressed in place, and the gasket and the surface of the engine it mates too are clean and dry.

New Thermostat went in easy.

Buttoned it all up in the reverse order.

Then I refilled the system.  Dumped in 3 gallons of antifreeze.  26 Quart capacity cooling system takes a lot of coolant.  For a 50/50 mix, I should leave out one quart.  I added the last quart because I wanted the extra freeze protection.  This takes me to -35 degrees.  Which is about 10 degrees lower than I've ever seen in my life.  Should be good enough.

Part that sucked in this job was that leaning over the front of the engine bay for an hour or so getting all the parts in and out really is a pain in the lower back.  Not used to it.  Job might have gone slightly faster if I had a back support thing, or I didn't have to stand up and stretch every so often.

All in all, it isn't a big job, and it sure gave me a good indication of how easy any work on the front of the engine will be.  Not too bad.

Now, I know I'll be yanking all the stuff apart again to install the new housing most likely.  If I do, I'll post the results....

Subject:       Re: [RAM] RamHack's THERMOSTAT
Date:           Mon, 13 Apr 1998 19:18:51 EDT
From:          Drdonnelly <>
To:              RTML

I posted that I saw a 97 V10 Ram with an aluminum thermostat housing.  My 95 had a black plastic one with brass inserts for the pipe threads, etc. Pictures of the early V10s showed a gold colored housing [but probably not real gold, just the price :)]

anyway my parts guru says there are two housings in the book.  94, 97, and 98 take 53006047 at list $89.13.  95-6 take 53041035 at $48.01

Subject:      Re: [RAM] V-10 Thermostat Question.... Need Answer FAST
Date:          Fri, 10 Apr 1998 20:26:44 EDT
From:         Drdonnelly <>
To:             RTML

Robertshaw offers the thermostat, and they probably make it for Dodge.  List is $58.78, net 44.08, dealer 38.22.  Part number 707-195.  Gasket 50099 or 54099. The plastic housing used until recently ('97 I saw had aluminum) had an integral O-ring for a seal.



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