Water Injection


Another trick to reduce ping: - this is not a joke - An experiment you can try is to take one of your windshield washer hoses and and slip it into a small hole just downstream of the air filter so that it sprays into the air intake tube leading to the manifold. Seal around the hole with tape once the hose is inserted. Fill the windshield washer reservoir with either water or 50/50 water methyl alcohol. Fit a smaller hole spray head to the end of the hose if you can find one at a hardware/garden supply store - otherwise just sew most of the hose end shut with needle and thread so that you get a fine spray when the washer pump is turned on. Then try some full throttle accelerations making little presses of the washer button. If the makeshift water injection quenches the pinging, then you might consider buying a water injection kit from Spearco. {Doing this 'windshield washer pump water injection' while driving is an old timer's trick to use steam to clean carbon out of the combustion chambers - but I do think Techron works better. }

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