Build Your Own Preluber

Feb 25, 1998

Subject:   Re: Start up after a prolonged sitting
Date:       Thu, 12 Feb 1998 20:21:25 -0700
From:      "Dan/Maxine Loubier" <>
To:          cummins

Hello everyone in diesel land !

Have any of you ever heard of the neat little device called PRELUBER ?

It is basically a 12 volt oil pump that *pre-lubricates* or brings up the oil pressure in your engine before start-up it also *post-lubricates* to save the bearings on your turbo after engine shut-down it also helps prevent *oil coking* on hot bearing surfaces ; it is also used to pump/drain the oil from the oil pan when changing your engine oil (no more hot oil down your sleeves) It is becoming more and more popular in the trucking industry this is where I first heard of it I believe that it retails for about $750 or $800 CDN the last time I heard

As for my own experience I made my own homemade PRELUBER for $150 CDN and it works good ; it gives me 30 psi oil pressure before I even turn my engine over (NO MORE DRY STARTS) I used a 12 volt agricultural sprayer pump that takes the oil from the oil pan and pumps it through the oil gallery of my engine it is connected upstream of the factory oil bypass valve and oil filter so there is no need for an external bypass valve with the pump and the oil is filtered before it goes anywhere The pump is hooked up to a toggle switch that I operate manually at the same time that my glow plugs come on ( primitive but effective)

I installed this *homemade* set-up on my freshly rebuilt Toyota diesel last year and it has proven to be reliable so far through this winter (this engine has NEVER seen a dry start)

Although this may not be a short term solution for your question it is certainly a consideration for ANYBODY that would like to keep their diesels running for a long long time not to mention all the other advantages

Date:        Sat, 14 Feb 1998 16:09:54 -0700
From:       "Dan/Maxine Loubier" <>
To:           cummins

I had a couple of replies requesting the type of pump that I used for my homemade PRELUBER so here it is:

The particular pump that I used is a diaphragm pump made by
FLOJET  in Irvine , California , USA    PHONE # 1-800-235-6538
model # : 2100-573 2.1 gpm , 70 psi , 7.0 amps , 12 VDC with 3/8" NPT ports

I purchased this pump at UFA (an agricultural supplies store) for $120 CDN It also says in the specs that this pump can be located up to 8 feet above the liquid to be pumped so this makes for an easy installation where location is a concern

I also paid a visit to another ag supply place and inquired about the meanest and baddest agricultural sprayer pump available and it is made by SHURFLOW    model # : 2088 313 145 2.5 gpm @ 50 psi with 1/2" NPT ports ,  12 amps draw on 12 vdc but is available in 12/24/36 vdc It also has a built-in bypass set at 50 psi

It is available through their supplier for around $200 CDN the address is :
Richardson Great Northern Manufacturing
875 King Edward Street (route 90)
Winnipeg , Manitoba , Canada

Just as a footnote you will need to install check valves (backflow prevention device) in both the suction and discharge sides of the pump for proper operation; hydraulic hoses can be custom made at any good industrial supply house then let your imagination take over with relays , timers , switches ,etc... and build your very own HOMEMADE PRELUBER

I hope this helps !

Dan Loubier
Peace River , Alberta , Canada
84 Toyota 4x4 extended cab DIESEL with PRELUBER