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Last Update: January 17, 1999

Subject:    Re: Turbo bearings
Date:        Sun, 17 Jan 1999 13:51:38 -0700
From:       "Luke Stabnow" <stabco@ricochet.net>
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does anyone know of a rebuild kit which has the bearings and the seal in it?

Complete rebuild kit for the Holset turbo on the Dodge 5.9 Cummins is #3545652 This is a Holset # and it can be had at any Cummins Dealer or any reputable turbo shop.  It includes everything needed for a complete rebuild with the bearings

I sell the kit and also the 16cm turbo housings. Rebuild kit is $47.80. Housings are $150 and include shipping and new Holset gaskets.

Rebuilds are simple but you need either the Dodge factory manual or the Cummins!  The biggest thing to remember is the nut on the exhaust shaft that holds the compressor wheel on is LEFT hand thread!  The replacement wheel and shaft are over $200.  Be careful and everything will go well.  Compares with rebuilding a carburetor.  I offer rebuilds and also hand polishing the compressor housing and backing plate. Looks real good with the factory chrome kit.

Contact STAB @  stabco@ricochet.net

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