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1998 Ram ISB Fuel Line Failure
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Reports of fuel line failure on the 98 ISB Ram have led to a redesign of the fuel line that runs from the fuel filter to the injector pump.  The revised line became available on 4/27/98.  Carry a spare if you have the old style!
Subject:   Re: Fuel Line
Date:       Thu, 27 Aug 1998 20:37:21 -0500
From:      "Darlene Beaver" <>
To:          cummins

Below is what I received from Cummins.

With this information our Dodge dealer replace our fuel line with the modified line that came out 4/27/98.

When I first called the dealer they checked the price on the replacement part.  They told me it would cost $14x.xx.  I said WOW and called the Cummins distributor in my area.  They told me the price was $34.39 +frt.  I called my Dodge dealer back (who is very good to deal with) and told me what they had said.  He said someone is really making a profit off the part, he didn't think it was Dodge though.

Please respond to (Troy Beaver)

Sent to Cummins powermaster:

Could you please help me with the following question(s):

Hello, about 2 weeks after picking up my new 98 3500 24v 5sp Dodge Ram I was on a trip to IN.  The fuel line developed a small hole in it.  The Dodge dealer in the town I was in said it take 1 month to get the warranty part so I went to the Cummins Dealer there and he fixed it and ordered a new fuel line for me.  (I had to pay for it, the dealer didn't because they didn't do the repairs)  This repair lasted about 3 month. I now have 53000 miles on it and the fuel line broke again, this time it split right down the length (about 1" split).  I put the new fuel line on and it only lasted less than two weeks.  Now is broke almost completely into at the joint on the left side.  I have two questions, why does this keep happening??  This part costs $65.00 and I can't afford to keep replacing it.  Last question is how do I repair or replace this on a Sunday and I have a long trip that should have started about 3 hours ago.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Is there a recall or a fix-it out from Dodge on the fuel lines??


So, here is what Cummins said:

The original solid line from the filter to the VP-44 has been obsoleted and replaced with p/n 3944906. This is a flexible line with a rubber section in the middle. This line went into production 4/27 on Dodge engines. It is available through Chrysler and carries  Chrysler p/n 05013876AA. This tube is replaceable under warranty.

Fuel line cracking is possible whenever the line is subjected to excessive vibrations.  The subject steel line may need additional supports to hold it in place to reduce vibration. These lines almost never crack in off-highway applications where vibrations are minimal.  Another cause can be misalignment or distortion when the banjo fittings are tightened.  If the line is turned or twisted when the fitting is tightened, it can set up a stress riser between the line and the fitting.

Take extra care when replacing one of these lines when tightening the banjo fittings.  We would suggest adding additional support for this line or if necessary, install a steel braided or reinforced flexible fuel line between the filter and injection pump. We will send a copy of this reply to our Dodge account team.

Troy, we think you are paying for parts that are still under warranty, and can probably be reimbursed by Dodge?

We design and supply the Cummins B5.9L turbo diesel engines to Chrysler, but Chrysler chose to warrant the diesel engine and truck completely. Therefore, please refer any warranty or repair questions and concerns to your Dodge dealer, or you can find out how to reach Chrysler through:

We believe the coverage on the diesel engine is 5 years/100,000 but you should discuss it with Dodge or your dealer to be sure.  There are no extended warranty coverages available from Cummins on the Dodge Ram and we are not aware of any extended coverages available from Dodge.

Cummins distributors are certainly capable of troubleshooting and repairing your B5.9 diesel engine, however, they are not in a position to handle Dodge warranty, therefore any work done by Cummins service providers would be billable to the customer or Dodge dealer.  Dodge dealers would require prior approval on any repairs they would be billed for.

We offer customer/technical support for you and your Ram 24 hours a day, so feel free to contact us with any other questions you might have.  You may call us at 1-800-DIESELS (343-7357) anytime! Thank you for choosing Cummins power. Let us know if you need assistance in locating the nearest Cummins-authorized distributor or dealer. Please feel free to use our International Dealer Locator: found on our Customer Assistance page of Cummins website (

Regards, --- Rammaster
Cummins Engine Company
Customer Assistance Center