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Troubleshooting the DODGE CUMMINS 5.9L (1994-1998)

Reported 12 Valve Problems

Throttle Linkage and Spring Problems

Subject:    Re: throttle spring
Date:        Fri, 20 Feb 98 07:34:33 CST
From: (Keith Penner)
To:          cummins

 I looked through my receipts last night and only came up with the instruction sheet for installing the "reduced gain throttle lever installation procedure". It is kit # 3806215 with a bulletin #3887755-01. I do remember that it was packaged in Chrysler wrapping so it comes from them and not cummins.

 I hope this helps. The kit really fixes the throttle sensitivity problem. Also if you are able to get this done make sure that it is set correctly. My first test drive showed that I was not able to get full throttle range and they reset it.

Keith Penner

Subject:    Re: throttle springs
Date:        Wed, 25 Feb 1998 16:47:31 -0800
From:       bernard rate <>
To:           dfritz

The dealer performed TSB 18-29-97 on my truck today to cure the bucking  problem. They used p/n 5011726AA and 3806215. Driving home, I could tell that more travel is needed to get WOT.


Subject:   0 to 60 Times And Low Power
Date:       Sun, 1 Feb 1998 11:47:39 -0700
From:      "Matthew Stabnow" <>
To:          cummins

Something you might check for your low power problems is the P7100 FIP overflow valve.  The Bosch P-type inline fuel injection pump is very sensitive to supply pressure variations.  If this pressure is low or pulsating excessively, the following symptoms can occur:

Low RPM miss / instability
Hard starting
Engine dies at idle (especially when hot)
Fuel Filter cracking

You may not get all these symptoms, maybe just 1 or 2.  I have the Bosch technical repair bulletin which describes all the symptoms, testing and repair of the overflow valve.  The factory service manual also has a section on the Cummins fuel system with the location and replacement of the overflow valve, a simple and inexpensive procedure.  Your local Cummins dealer is probably your best bet for testing and repair of your low power complaint.

Matt Stabnow

 see overflow valve diagnosis info

Maximum Boost for stock Rams:
94+ 160, 175, 180 HP     15-18 PSI
96+ 215 HP                     21-23 PSI
1998+ ISB                       19-22 PSI



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