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24 Valve Cummins Turbo Diesel

Improvements and design changes to the ISB
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What is an ISB engine?

Engine Details

Source: Chrysler Master Tech Issue 2 Reference Book - dated February 1998

Dodge Ram trucks continue to maintain a well-deserved reputation for being hard working, durable, and above all, ruggedly powerful. When you add a legendary Cummins diesel engine to the picture, the result is an outstanding combination of performance and dependability that sets the Ram pickup apart from the other trucks in its class.

This is an in depth look at the many enhancements to the diesel power plant, including the most obvious changes such as the new 24 valve cylinder head and valve train, and the Bosch VP44 fuel injection pump.  Also covered are new items on the lower end of the engine and its lubrication system, the new fuel system, and intake and exhaust systems.


Manual transmission equipped Rams are rated:

Automatic transmission equipped Rams are rated:
As an aid to identification, the engine serial number is stamped in the block on the vertical surface above the oil cooler (Fig 3). This number and other information can also be found on the data plate attached to the gear housing.

Page 1 Ratings and Identification
Page 2 Lower End and Lubrication System
Page 3 Cylinder Head and Valve Train
Page 4 Fuel System -  Injectors, Inj Pump, Pump Drive
Page 5 Fuel System - Electronics, Pump, and Filter
Page 6 Intake Air and Exhaust
Page 7 Troubleshooting
Page 8 Torque Specs
Page 9 Fuel System Components
Page 10 Quiz - did you learn everything??



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