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Second Gen Dodge Ram 12 Valve Diesel
1994-1998 Ram DIY Diesel RepairsTroubleshooting, and Modifications

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Routine Maintenance

Maintenance Schedule A - Normal Service Intervals B - Severe Duty Service Intervals
Miles Months Engine Hours Miles Engine Hours
Check oil, drain filter sediment and water - Every fuel stop -
Oil & Filter Change 6000 6 250 3000 200
Adjust Rear Brakes 6000 6   3000  
Rotate Tires 6000 6   6000  
Change Fuel Filter   94-96    97-98 12000 12   6000  
Inspect water pump weep hole 12000 12   12000  
Inspect brake linings and pads 24000 24   12000  
Change coolant 24000 24   24000  
AT - Change transmission fluid and filter 24000 24   24000  
AT - adjust bands 24000 24   24000  
Adjust Valve Lash 24000 24   24000  
Change front and rear axle oil 45000 36   24000  
Check fan, fan clutch, drive belt 30000 24   30000  
Inspect vibration damper 30000 24   30000  
Inspect front wheel bearings 30000 24   30000  
Change transfer case fluid 48000 48   45000  

Repair information

Parts location diagram engine sensor and fuel system component locations
Throttle Cable Replacement  
Lift pump Replacement instructions provided by CJ Johansson
Pre-Filter Clean/Change clean or replace the fuel strainer on the bottom of the lift pump
P7100 Timing adjustment TSB 18-10-94 has the procedure
Idle Speed Adjustment Setting the idle speed to correct stalling or hard starting
Fuel Shutdown Solenoid Adjustment check this if the solenoid is replaced or you have starting problems
Thermostat replacement Service manual pages 7-33 and 7-34 from TSB 07-04-94
Thermostat replacement Instructions from TSB 07-07-94
Timing Case Repair (Dowel Pin) Photos and tips on Strick-9's repair page
Dowel Pin Blocking Tab Retainer Tab photos and tips from postings to the TDRoundtable
Dowel Pin Retaining Bolt Use a drill jig to install a KDP retainer bolt in the timing case.
Fan Drive Belt Replacement R&R instructions
Fan and Hub Removal R&R instructions
Manifold Heater and Relay R&R instructions

Troubleshooting the DODGE CUMMINS 5.9L (1994-1998)

Known Problems Common problems and troubleshooting
Troubleshooting and Tips

Diesel Injection Service diesel and  turbocharger trouble charts, hard starting diagnosis, stalling, smoke, etc,

PCM fault codes from the '94 service manual (for 1994 - 1997 models)
Turbocharger diagnostic tips 1994-1998 12 valve fuel pressure should be 18-24psi at idle and 28-36 at 2000 rpm with no load.
Turbocharger diagnostics from the Star Center News
Wastegate troubleshooting from TSB 11-05-96
Overflow Valve diagnosis info from a Holset pocket pamphlet

Fuel Pressure/Overflow valve diagnosis    

TSB 14-07-96 has a set of measurements
Manifold Heater troubleshooting  


Add a centrifugal oil filter

photos and some detail from John Pavlovic

Install a pyrometer/boost gauge photos and instructions on the Gateway Diesel Owners Association site
Install a pyrometer/boost gauge instructions at TST's web site
Installing Larger Injectors Tips from the mail lists and message boards
DIY Injector Removal tool Build a tool from common hardware
Install PDR's gov springs Piers Diesel Research 3000 rpm governor spring boost the top end of the engine.
Add a crankcase vent catch bottle Prevent oil from dripping on your driveway or garage floor
Prelub oil pump review article from Brad Albrecht
Adjustable boost control elbow Construction idea at Jason Gray's Datsun 510 Tech that would work on the B =