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DIY Diesel Injector Puller
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From a TDR posting - To remove 12V injectors, you can make this simple puller created by TDR member "Koa Man".

Thread the nut on to the end of the old injector and the bolt. Use your little slide weight and after a few whacks the old injector comes loose. (I got this little trick from Joe D, who also supplied me the 370s)

The metric bolt and nut was hard to find here, had to go to a company that only sells nuts and bolts to find it. Home Depot, True Value, etc. did not have it. It was also expensive, $11 but I needed it now. In hind sight, I have a cheaper way. Just by the 14x1.5 metric nut. Get a SAE bolt (they are cheap) that will almost thread in and force it to jam the threads part way (make sure you have your slide weight on first) or you could braze or weld it on. Then you can thread the other end of the metric nut on to the injector. If you use a 3/4 in. drive socket like I did, make sure the socket end is facing down to clear on the last two cylinders. You will also love the 370s, big increase in power ALL over. No hesitation or infamous 1100 stumble in my truck. Joe D told me my 180hp pump should work just fine and he was right. I adjusted valves, changed injectors and AFC spring, all for the first time, including bringing out tools and clean up in under eight hours, which included my neighbor coming over and asking questions for half hour. and another half hour lunch break.



Last Update: July 13, 2001