1st Geneneration Injector Change

Tips From Wirenut, GeneH, mark93, and others (posted to the TDR forum).


Pretty easy!

Fuel adjustments after installing larger injectors.

#1 Oh yeah: I know they say to turn your fuel back to stock but, I wasn't happy at the stock setting (not enough smoke and power!) so, set it back to stock, then drive it after the installation. You may want to play with some different pump settings. My fuel screw is approximately 1 turn in and diaphram stayed at max. Have fun, hope this will help you and don't toast them tires to fast!

#2 When I installed my injectors I left the pump at the turned up settings (max diaphragm, loose diaphragm spring, AFC screw turned in and full load screw at about stock) for a trip around the block then turned the diaphragm back halfway betweem stock and max (to cut smoke) as the only change. WOW!! Over the last 3 months I have arrived at the following settings for the following reasons:

1) AFC "smoke" screw backed off completely- Plenty of fuel at off idle and low rpms already.

2) Diaphragm turned to max rate position-I greedily wanted all the midrange power I could get.

3) Diaphragm spring very tight (star wheel one turn down from "no threads showing"-I found I had, with the diaphragm at full rate, MUCH more fuel at the low end than was needed but it would clear away very well by 15 psi. I tightened the spring to match boost fuel more proportional to the need for more fuel during midrange run up through the gears. At first I set it at "no threads showing" but there was a "flatness" right in the middle of the RPM band during acceleration, like you had to wait for the engine to catch its breath. A turn down from that setting on the star wheel made the transition from the bascic fuel setting to full power smooth and constant.

4) Full load screw about one turn in from stock-Not liking the idea that there was some available top end power (and midrange as it turned out) that was untapped I turned the screw a FULL TURN in. WOW WOW WOW. Lots of smoke can be made while lugging the engine but it clears to a nice solid stream of dark grey smoke at full power. By driving normal almost no smoke appears, but when you need the power it is all there.

#3 The full load screw is in 1/2 turn from stock. I can see from Wirenut's last post there are a lot of adustments that I havn't tried yet. These Power Wagon Injectors really work. For my installation I borrowed the injector puller and bore cleaning brush from my local dealer for the weekend(will your dealer loan you tools). The puller made it a snap to get the old injectors out. Number 6 injector had a lot of surface rust on the shaft.

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