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24 Valve Fuel Filter Change
1998-1999 ISB Ram Notes from the mail lists
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Most of the hints came from Fitch's humorous mail list posting of his "first time", and the responses that it generated.

Step 1: Drain the filter using the valve.

Step 2: Disconnect the water sensor connector.

Step 3: Loosen canister retaining nut on header while holding canister (9/16" wrench).

Step 4: Twist and remove old filter cartridge from canister

Step 5: Clean the canister and wipe the gasket surface on the bracket.

Step 6: Lubricate gasket and O-ring and then install on new filter cartridge.

Step 7: "Replace center O-ring with new one provided.

Step 8: Install new filter cartridge in canister.

Step 9: Pre-Fill the canister with fuel.

Step 10: Install canister on header with drain aligned as shown, and tighten retaining nut to 10 ft-lbs.

Step 11: Reconnect water sensor electrical connector.

Step 12: Prime fuel system.

Step 13: Start engine and check for leaks. Correct as needed with engine off.



Last Update: February 14, 2002