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Diesel Fuel Filter Change
1997-1999 Ram 12V and 24 Valve engines

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Cartridge Type Main Filter for 97-99 Diesel including ISB's

Question - Can any one tell me if FS19522 is the correct Fleetguard part number for the fuel filter on the 97 Dodge Cummins and if so does it come with the two requisite O rings that come with the Mopar filter?

The new filter numbers for 97+ Rams are:
Fleetguard    FS19598,   Cummins  3931476 ,  Dodge 04883963AB

The o-rings are included with the filter.

Replacing the canister fuel filter 1997-1999 models
Date:          Sat, 20 Sep 1997 00:40:00 -0400 (EDT)
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1. turn yellow handle and drain fuel into something. The handle is near the top front of the filter housing.

2. disconnect the 2-wire connector for the water-in-fuel sensor.

3. remove the 14 mm nut on the top housing that holds the canister on. A stud in the canister comes up through the filter base (top part) that in turn is bolted to the intake manifold near the rear of the engine.

4. wiggle the canister and drop it off. clearance is limited--I removed mine from the bottom. Here is where you find out if you cheated on draining the fuel--if you didn't drain enough of it, you get a facefull.

5. pour out fuel, wipe out canister, install new filter, being careful that two o rings are in place. One goes on the center post of the canister (cast aluminum bowl). Other goes between the plastic top of the filter and the filter head bolted to the intake manifold. The third seal is a square cut cross section type of o-ring that goes around the outside edge of the canister/plastic filter top. Lube all of these seals with diesel fuel, and refill the canister with fresh very clean fuel.

6. put a bit of grease on the threads, replace the canister, tighten the nut to 10 ft lb.

7. reconnect the water in fuel connector.  

8. NOTE: Be sure no unfiltered fuel gets into the clean fuel side (the inside, if I recall), fill the canister most of the way, reinstall. if you didn't get the canister really full, or if you want to do the optimum job, re-prime the fuel system. First, and very important, loosen the bleeder screw on the top (on 12 valve engines, it is in the center of a banjo fitting). Second, push the fuel pump plunger (inside the rubber bellows) a number of times until fuel and no more air comes out the connection you just cracked open. then, re-tighten the bolt to seal the fuel line. don't raunch on the bolt, the rubber seals do the job. The factory torque spec is 18 ft lb for this banjo fitting and 6 for the one at the injection pump. 18 seems high. Mine was not that tight, and I think the 5-10 range should be plenty (IMHO).

The Fleetguard filter comes with all o-rings and a page of instructions with diagrams.

happy filtering.    Joe