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Dodge Ram Diesel Specs
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Engine Specs and Part numbers

1st Generation 12 Valve:    [89-91]  [92]  [ 93 ]

2nd generation 12 Valve:    [ 94-95 ]  [ 96-98 ]

3rd Generation 24 Valve:   [ 98-00 ] [ 01 ]   [ Other ISB ratings ]

CPL Table           Engine Evolution to Meet EPA Standards

Turbo, EGT, and Boost Specs & FAQ's

Timing Specs and FAQ


94+ Recommended Fluids

AFC housing Bolt sizes

Subject:   Re: AFC Housing Bolt

>  What is the bolt size (diameter and pitch) of
>  the two bolts on the drivers side of the AFC housing?

The driver's side bolts are 8 mm hex head, M6 x 1.0 thread, 25 mm long.  The two bolts on the passenger side (closer to the head) are the same thread, 18 mm long.

Governed Speed

The "governed speed" is the highest speed at which you can get real power. At engine speed higher than the governed speed, the power drops off  VERY quickly.



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