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Dodge Ram Diesel Sales Figures
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  Brief history of the Dodge Ram / Cummins Diesel combination  (From TDR #1)

The Cummins B series (3.9L 4 cylinder and 5.9L six cylinder) diesel was developed in the early 1980's as a joint venture between Cummins and Case tractor.  Cummins was to provide the engine expertise, Case the production volume.  In 1984, an active step van/ bread truck repower program for the Ford E350 and GM P30 chassis was successfully promoted by Cummins.

As  B production capacity expanded, Cummins began actively seeking a major OEM entry for the 6B 5.9L engine in a pickup truck chassis. The 6B was seen by Dodge as  a possibility for the aging Ram 250 and 350 which had no diesel option. In late 1986, Dodge and Cummins reached an agreement to target the 1998 model year for the ram diesel.  Cumins accepted the engineering  challenge of mating the engine to the existing Dodge Ram chassis. As unseen technical problems surfaced, the introduction was rescheduled for the 1989 model.

The first year forecast was for  less than 8,000 Dodge diesel pickups, with sales expected to grow by 3,000 trucks each following year.  Ram diesel sales for 1989 surpassed 16,000 trucks and the numbers have continued to grow.

Cummins data indicates that the life of the B engine in a medium duty truck is slightly over 300,000 miles. Estimated engine life in the pickup is unknown because few engines have failed or worn out, and there are numerous reports of over 800,000 miles.

Model Year Diesel Ram Production V10 Ram Production Total Ram Production
1989 16,750 a NA ?
1990 26,700 a NA ?
1991 40,180 a NA ?
1992 46,471 a NA 74,558
1993 49,226 a NA 75,166
1994 44,569 5,860 195,372
1995 61,000 ? ?
1996 68,041 ? ?
1997 75,484 ? ?
1998 92,000 ? 350,275 b
1999 98,000 over 100,000 428,930
2000 116,000 ? 380,874
2001 ? ? ?

a TDR - various issues
b Popular Mechanics, May 1998

A few Statistics posted to the DiRT list:

Assembly line - 295 trucks made per shift, two shifts per day. One truck about every two minutes. From beginning to rolling out the door about 23 hours. In each shift about 55 tractor trailers deliver parts ready for assembly. 45% of the trucks from the St.Louis plant are diesels.

From a Cummins press release:

Cummins Inc. (NYSE:CUM) announced today that for the seventh year in a row Cummins has shipped a record number of engines for the Dodge Ram pickup. Cummins shipped 116,000 24-valve turbo diesel engines to DaimlerChrysler for the 2000 model year Dodge Ram pickup. This represents a 20 percent increase over engine shipments for the 1999 model year.

The Dodge Ram was the fourth best-selling light vehicle in North America for the 1999 calendar year, according to Automotive News. Cummins 24-valve turbo diesel engines are offered in the 2500 and 3500 series Dodge Ram pickups and were the engine choice for more than 70 percent of those trucks for the 1999 model year. For all Dodge Ram pickups including the 1500 series, Cummins is found in more than 25 percent of those vehicles.

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