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1994-1995 Engine Specs
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1994 & 1995 Ram / Cummins Horsepower and Torque Curves
Manual Transmission
  • Compression Ratio: 17.5:1
  • Power: 175 bhp @ 2500 rpm
  • Torque: 420 lb-ft @ 1500 rpm
  • BHP/Liter: 29.7
  • Max. Engine Speed (Governed Speed*) : 2700 rpm
  • Max. No Load High Idle Engine Speed: 3000 RPM


Automatic Transmission
  • Compression Ratio: 17.5:1
  • Power: 160 bhp @ 2500 rpm
  • Torque: 400 lb-ft @ 1500 rpm
  • BHP/Liter: 27.1
  • Max. Engine Speed (Governed Speed*) : 2700 rpm
  • Max. No Load High Idle Engine Speed: 3000 RPM

  HP curves from the 1994 Dodge sales flier

*The "governed speed" is the highest speed which produces useable power. Above the governed speed, engine power drops VERY quickly. Other interesting engine speeds:

1994/1995  12 Valve General Engine Specifications

*The "governed speed" is the highest speed that produces useable power. Above the governed speed, engine power drops VERY quickly. Other interesting engine speeds:

1994 - 1998 Valve Specifications


Spring Test
Clearance (in.)
Diameter (in.)
Intake Exhaust Intake Exhaust
30 45 81@1.64 2.36 0.002-

94-98 12 Valve Recommended Fuel


Maximum Exhaust Temperature and Turbocharger Boost Ratings

Maximim Allowable Exhaust Restriction: 6" Hg
Maximum Intake Restriction  25" H2O

Ram Exhaust Temperature Specification
Pyro Probe Location Max Temp At Rated Power Max Temp At Torque peak
exhaust manifold 1250 Degrees F 1250 Degrees F
exhaust elbow below the turbocharger 950 Degrees F 810 Degrees F
Ram Diesel Turbocharger Specifications
1994  160, 175 HP 15-18 psi  Holset WH1C 12 sq cm turbine housing
1995  160, 175, 180 HP 15-18 psi  Holset HX35W 12 sq cm turbine housing

The stock 12 cm housing on 94+ engines is OK up to about 240 HP, beyond which the small housing restricts the exhaust and raises EGT. A 16 cm housing provides enough low speed boost for an enhanced engine, and the exhaust runs cooler at high speed.

Frequently Used Part Numbers 1994-1995
Locations of parts and sensors on engine
Fuel Filter* Mopar 4741689
Cummins 3923108
Fleetguard FS1253
Fleetguard Stratapore FS19519
Fuel Strainer Mopar 04762962


FleetGuard 3845400-S
Fuel Heater top quad ring gasket FleetGuard 3834185-S
Fuel Heater Element (icncludes 3834185-S) FleetGuard 3907766-S
Fuel Heater Element Cable Harness FleetGuard 3843722-S
Oil Filter* Mopar Paper 05016547AC
Cummins Paper 3942470
Cummins Microglass 3865405
Cummins Stratapore  
Fleetguard Paper LF3959
Fleetguard Microglass LF3552
Fleetguard Stratapore LF3894
Oil Plug Mopar  
Cummins 3924147
Oil Plug Washer Mopar 4882049
Cummins 3920773
Oil Filler Cap Cummins 3914136
Oil Filler Cap or Tube gasket Cummins 3902363
Oil Filler Tube Cummins 3914738
Valve Cover Gasket Set Cummins 3902666
Individual Gray (Marine) Gasket Cummins 3930906
Individual Valve Cover O-Ring Cummins 3910824
Front Crankshaft Seal Cummins 3804899
Front Gear Case Cover Gasket Cummins 3918673
Dowel Pin (timing gear case) Mopar 04429257
Cummins 3900257
KDP tab bolt (longer) Any source 8mm x 1.25 x 25mm
Rear Main Seal Cummins 3934486
Air Filter Mopar 4728406
Mopar w/ foam  
Cummins 3097074
Fleetguard AF25090
Fleetguard w/ foam AF25541
Accessory Belt Mopar 53040171
Dayco 5080810
Gator Back 4080810
Belt Tensioner Cummins 3912254
Engine Speed Sensor Mopar 4746691
Cummins 3924432
Oil Pressure Sensor Cummins 3923200
Manifold Temp Sensor Cummins 3918461
Engine Temp Sensor Cummins 3920363
Fuel /Water Sensor Mopar 04429116
Fleetguard 3831852-S
TPS Cummins 3930318

or 3930318

Borg Warner EC3061
Thermostat* Mopar 05014568AA
Cummins 3928499
Thermostat sealing rings (gaskets) Cummins 3925466 & 3927305
Lower Radiator Hose Cummins 71715
Upper Radiator Hose Cummins 71716
Water Pump Cummins 3802357
Block Heater Cummins  
Block Heater replacement cord Cummins 3923050
Throttle Cable
    all 94, 95 engine # before 5308491
Mopar 4897406AA
Throttle Cable
    95 engine # after 5308491
Mopar 4897407AA
Throttle Rod End RH Cummins 3932365
Throttle Rod End LH Cummins 3932319
Throttle rod w/ ball socket ends Mopar 5011959AA
Throttle Tension Spring Cummins 3923058
Throttle Torsion Spring Cummins 3925365
Fuel Shutdown Solenoid Cummins 3923201
Cummins revised PN


Fuel Banjo Bolt Washer
(fuel Filter)
Cummins 3918192
Fuel Banjo Bolt Washer
(Injector Pump)
Cummins 3912887
Fuel Lift Pump Mopar 4761979
Cummins 3936316*
Lift Pump Gasket Mopar 4429144
Inj Pump Overflow valve Mopar 04883838AA
Cummins 3932096
AFC Diaphragm Bosch 2 420 503 019
Intake manifold - 49 State Non EGR Cummins 3931516
Intake horn gasket Cummins 3913352
Intake heater grid gasket Cummins 3931604
Intake heater grid Cummins 3924594
Cat Converter Test Pipe Mopar 52019170AB
60 Pound Exhaust Spring Cummins 3916691
Engine Paint (titanium black) Cummins 3824514
Catalytic Converter test pipe Mopar 52019170AB

(*) Fuel Filter:

The FS19519 is a upgrade for the FS1253. The FS19519 has the same micron rating a the FS1253,
but has a larger dirt holding area and a higher flow rate. These two filters can be interchanged,
but the 19519 is larger and more difficult to install. You may need to loosen the filter housing mounting bolts
to install the filter.

* Oil Filter:

LF3959 superseded LF3935, LF3885, LF3949 for all model years.
Cummins 3942470 supersedes 3931470.
Mopar 5016547AC - replaced 5016547AB
Fleetguard LF3984 has been upgraded without a number change.

* Cummins Thermostat:

A series of revised part numbers has been issued - check with a Cummins parts department for the latest.
P/N 3934373 eliminates temperature fluctuation but engine warmup is slower and the operating temperature
is lower than with previous t-stats.

* Lift Pump 3925709 has been replaced by a new design PN 3936316

Engine Manual Numbers
Engine Parts Manual 1994 Cummins 3672018 
1995 Cummins 3672062
Operation & Maint man 12V Cummins 3810205
Engine Service Shop Manual 1991-1994 3666017
Troubleshooting and repair 1991-1994 3666087
Cummins engine oil recommendations 12V Cummins 3810340-01
Cummins Engine Fuel recommendations 12V Cummins 3379001-05
Fleetguard Cooling System Maintenance 12V Cummins 3387910
Injection System Information 12V Cummins 3666037-04



Thanks to CJ Johansson for assisting with the Fuel heater/strainer/wiring/gasket part numbers.

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