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1993 Ram Diesel Engine Specs
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Above the governed speed, engine power drops VERY quickly.

1993  12 Valve General Engine Specifications

Recommended Fuel

#1-D Diesel or #2 Fuel Oil (diesel) only.

Under emergency conditions, 1K & 2K Kerosene, Jet-A, Jet A-1, JP-5, and JP-8 may by used if 5% lube oil is added to the fuel. DO NOT run the VP44 Injection pump on these alternate fuels without the lube oil - pump damage is likely without a lube additive!

Maximum Exhaust Temperature and Turbocharger Boost Ratings
Ram Exhaust Temperature Specification
Pyro Probe Location Max Temp At Rated Power Max Temp At Torque peak
exhaust manifold 1250 Degrees F 1250 Degrees F
exhaust elbow below the turbocharger 950 Degrees F 810 Degrees F
Ram Diesel Turbocharger Specifications
Max Boost


1993 160HP 15-18 psi  18 cm turbo housing

A 16 cm housing improves low speed boost for an enhanced engine

Frequently Used Part Numbers 1993
Fuel Filter Mopar 4429107
Cummins 3834656
Fleetguard FS1232
Fuel Strainer Mopar 04762962
Cummins 3847102
FleetGuard 38454000-S
Fuel Heater top quad ring gasket FleetGuard 3834185-S
Oil Filter* Mopar Paper 05016547AC
Cummins Paper 3942470
Cummins Microglass 3865405
Cummins Stratapore  
Fleetguard Paper LF3959
Fleetguard Microglass LF3552
Fleetguard Stratapore LF3894
Oil Plug Cummins  
Oil Plug Washer Cummins  
Oil Filler Cap Cummins  
Oil Filler Cap gasket Cummins  
Air Filter Mopar 4713953
Cummins 3097073
Fleetguard AF25023
Accessory Belt Dayco 5080830
Belt Tensioner Cummins  
Throttle Position Sensor Cummins 3621094
Oil Pressure Sensor Cummins  
Manifold Temp Sensor Cummins  
Engine Temp Sensor Cummins  
Tachometer Mopar 82400711
Thermostat Mopar 05014568AA
Cummins 3934373
Lower Radiator Hose Cummins 71595
Upper Radiator Hose Cummins 71594
Water Pump Cummins 3802358
Water Pump Seal Cummins 3906698
Fan Clutch Mopar 52028760
Fuel Shutdown Solenoid Cummins  
Fuel Banjo Bolt Washer
(fuel Filter)
Fuel Banjo Bolt Washer
(Injector Pump)
Fuel Lift Pump Cummins  
Throttle rod couplers Cummins 3990093, 3990094
Engine Parts Manual Cummins 3672006
Operation & Maint Man 12V Cummins 3810205
Shop Manual 12V Cummins 3810206
* LF3959 superseded LF3935, LF3885, LF3949 for all model years.
Cummins 3942470 supersedes 3931470.
Mopar 5016547AC - replaced 5016547AB
Fleetguard LF3984 has been upgraded without a number change.
Engine Manual Numbers
Engine Parts Manual 1993 Cummins 3672006 
Operation & Maint man 12V Cummins 3810205
Engine Service Shop Manual 1991-1994 3666017
Troubleshooting and repair 1991-1994 3666087
Cummins engine oil recommendations 12V Cummins 3810340-01
Cummins Engine Fuel recommendations 12V Cummins 3379001-05
Fleetguard Cooling System Maintenance 12V Cummins 3387910
Injection System Information 12V Cummins 3666037-04



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