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2001-2002 Dodge Ram pickup truck Cummins engine specifications and part numbers
2001-2002 Ram Engine Specs
Recommended Fuel   Turbo and Max EGT specs
Part Numbers   Electronic Engine Controls   VP44 Injector Pump
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2001-2002 Cummins Turbo Diesel (ETC) - Engine Rating

5 Speed Manual & AutomaticTransmission

Peak Torque     460 lb-ft (from 1600 to 2700 rpm)
Advertised Power     235 hp @ 2700 rpm
Governed Speed       3200 rpm
Compression Ratio  16.3:1
Maximum Boost       20.8 psi
Turbocharger            HY35W (Auto), HX35W (Man)

Dodge/Cummins uprate available for 1998+ 24 valve ETC models

2001-2002 HO Turbo Diesel (ETH) - Engine Rating

6 Speed Manual Transmission (NV5600 Specs)

Peak Torque      505 lb-ft (from 1600 to 2700 rpm)
Advertised Power      245 hp @ 2700 rpm
Governed Speed        3200 rpm
Compression Ratio   17:1
Maximum Boost       26 psi
Turbocharger            HX35W


  • Production Began  Jan 1, 2000 (Dodge called this 2001 model year)
  • Type                       4-cycle in-line 6-cylinder
  • Aspiration              Turbocharged, charge air cooled
  • Bore & Stroke       4.02 in x 4.72 in (102 in x 120 mm)
  • Displacement         359 in3 (5.88 liter)
  • Firing Order           1-5-3-6-2-4 
  • Valve System: OHV, 24 valves, solid sliding tappet lifter/follower
  • Oil Pan Capacity    2.5 US gal (9.46 liter)
  • Engine warranty     5-year/100,000-mile
  • Oil and oil filter change interval     7,500 miles
  • Fuel filter replacement interval      15,000 miles

NOTE - The boost rating comes from the 2001 Ram service manual supplement for wastegate testing. The test measures a specific wastegate actuator rod movement at a given pressure. One TDR member sent an inquiry to Cummins and received this reply: "The boost spec for the HO is 23.5 psi AT THE TURBO, not the intake. As some pressure is lost through the CAC due to restriction, the 19 - 21 psi people are seeing is about right."   (posted to the TDR Forum)

What's new in the ETH engine:

  • Electronic Controls: New ECM calibration and fueling algorithms.
  • Fuel Pump: Increased fuel flow in the Bosch VP44 injection pump.
  • Injectors: Designed to provide increased fuel flow.
    • Injector note posted to the TDRoundtable by tgbol:
      • ETH injectors (3946306) flow 600cc at 100bars for 30 seconds
      • ETC injectors (3944828) flow 640cc at the same test.
  • Turbocharger: Revised wastegate setting for 26psi at the turbocharger outlet.
    • Manifold boost specification is 43.5 inches Hg / 21 psi
  • Head: Valve seat inserts for added durability.
  • Pistons: New pistons with higher 17:1 compression ratio.
  • Flywheel: New flywheel with 330 mm diameter clutch (vs. std. 310 mm).
  • ISB Design Improvements and Features - from 1998 Mastertech
  • FWIW: Reports from owners indicate that ETC engines are more responsive than ETH engines are to the major fueling boxes.


2001 24 Valve Recommended Fuel

#1-D Diesel or #2 Fuel Oil (diesel) only.

Under emergency conditions, 1K & 2K Kerosene, Jet-A, Jet A-1, JP-5, and JP-8 may by used if 5% lube oil is added to the fuel. DO NOT run the VP44 Injection pump on these alternate fuels without the lube oil - pump damage is likely without a lube additive!

Maximum Exhaust Temperature and Turbocharger Boost Ratings


2001-2002 Ram Diesel Turbocharger Specifications
Max Boost
WOT Boost


ETC 235 HP Automatic
20.8 psi
18 psi Holset HY35W 9 sq cm (or 10 cm2 depending on how it is measured) turbine housing
ETC 235 HP 5 speed 20.8 psi 18 psi Holset HX35W 12 sq cm turbine housing
ETH 245 HP 6 speed
20.8 psi
20 psi Holset HX35W 12 sq cm turbine housing
 *Some have reported 10 cm2 housings (unverified)

2001-2002 Models: How do you tell which turbo you have??

The HX35W has a plate like this on the front of the compressor housing: 

The HX has a brass wastegate signal elbow at the turbo, a rubber hose connecting the elbow to the wastegate actuator, and the turbocharger assembly is bolted together.
The HY has a "hardline" wastegate actuator tube,(from turbo to actuator), and the turbo has a clamp affair holding it together. If there is no HX35 plate like the photo above, the turbo is an HY35W.

From Mark Chapple of TST:   "Our testing shows them (HX35 and HY35) to be (functionally) equivalent and interchangeable."
Italics are my clarification to put the statement into context - Dave.

Long term reliability of the HY35W is still unknown.
This Holset newsletter discusses the "improvements" designed into the HY35.


Ram Exhaust Temperature Specification (sustained)
Pyro Probe Location Max Temp At Rated Power Max Temp At Torque peak
exhaust manifold 1250° F 1250° F
exhaust elbow below the turbocharger 950° F 810° F


Frequently Used Part Numbers - 2001
Part Source Part Number
Fuel Filter Mopar 05015581AA
Cummins 3945213*
Fleetguard FS19579*
Fuel lift pump Mopar 5080885AA
Cummins 3990105
Oil Filter Mopar Paper 05016547AC*
Cummins Paper 3937211
Cummins Stratapore  
Fleetguard Paper LF3959*
Fleetguard Stratapore LF3894*
Air Filter Mopar 4728406
Cummins 3097074
Fleetguard AF25541
Vacuum Pump Rear Seal Contact Reganis Auto Center
(308) 632-8200
Accessory Belt Gatorback 4080810 or 8PK2055
Dayco 5080810
Thermostat Mopar 05015090AA

3954194 (180° )
3937171 (190°)

Lower Radiator Hose Cummins 52006482AB
Upper Radiator Hose Cummins 52028542
Block Heater Cummins  
Block Heater replacement cord Cummins 3923050
Bigsaint's red valve cover Red Valve Cover Cummins 3943668
Black Valve Cover Cummins 3937121
Plain Valve Cover Cummins 3941775
Valve Cover Gasket Cummins 3937121
APPS (TPS) Cummins 3937162
MAP Sensor Mopar 5017791-AA
Oil Pressure Sensor Cummins 3408428
Mopar 5012991-AB
Head gasket Cummins 3945803

* LF3959 supersedes LF3935, which replaced LF3885 for all model years.
   Cummins 3942470 supersedes 3931470.
   The latest Mopar # is 5016547AC.
   The LF3894 has been upgraded without a number change.

* 3945213 supersedes 3931470

* FS19579 supersedes FS1268, which replaced FS1261 for 2000-2001 models

Chrysler Corporation Service Manual Ram Truck 1500-3500: Phone 1-800-890-4038

Cummins Manuals

ECM and Injector Part Numbers For ISB Applications

Source: TDR Forum

Engine Control Modules - part # and description

  • 3935964rx  ecm, calb.uprate epa manl chr
  • 3935965rx  ecm,calb.uprate carb manl chr
  • 3935966rx  ecm calb.uprate epa manl chr
  • 3935967rx  ecm,calb.uprate carb manl chr
  • 3937129rx  ecm,calb.uprate epa manl chr
  • 3937130rx  ecm,calb.uprate carb mnl chr
  • 3943858rx  ecm encore cm550 (isb)

Injectors - part# and description

  • 3943201rx  inj,isb bos b srs 6mi 7mt ef
  • 3943205rx  inj,isb bos b srs 6mi 7mt ef
  • 3943928rx  inj,isb bos b 6mi 7mt ef
  • 3943929rx  inj,isb bos b 6mi 7mt ef
  • 3944828rx  inj,isb (chrysler application)
  • 3944829rx  inj,isb (chrysler application)

ECM description notes:

  • ecm = electronic control module
  • calib. uprate = power uprate
  • epa = 49 state (federal) emissions
  • carb= California emissions
  • manl= manual transmission
  • chr = Chrysler engine application

Injector Description Notes:

  • inj = injectors
  • isb = 5.9liter 24 Valve Cummins Engine
  • isc = 8.3liters 24 Valve Cummins Engine
  • bos = Bosch
  • ef = electronic fueling
  • 6mi = diameter of nozzle in millemeters
  • 7mt = (unknown at this time)
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