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Ram/Cummins Oil Change FAQ

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Q: Which oil filters should I use on my engine?    

Q: Which oil should I use?  

Q: Why multigrade?  from Cummins:

Q: Which brand of oil are people using?

Q: How often should the oil and filter be changed?

Opinions vary, but I use 3500-4500 miles which is usually 125 hours between oil changes.

94-98 12 Valve models - Chryslers recommendation is:

98-01 24 Valve models - Chryslers recommendation is:

What is severe service?

Q: What is the oil capacity of my truck?    (includes 1 qt for filter)

Q: What is the correct torque for the oil drain plug?

        This difference exists because the non-Dodge engines use a "bolt" style plug were you put a socket over the plug, but the engines in Dodges use a "hex" style plug where you put the hex into the plug to turn it. (Note: it is actually a square drive on the Ram - Dave) --Josh B.

Q: What are the part numbers for a replacement oil plug and washer?

Q: Should the oil filter be pre-filled to reduce the time the engine runs with no oil pressure after an oil change?

Q: How do I change my oil and filter?

Q: The oil filter will not come off the engine. How do I remove it?

Q: After an oil change, I get a horible, heavy oil smell. What is the problem?


Last Update: November 1, 2001