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Dodge truck ECM/PCM engine control with the Cummins 24 Valve ISB diesel engine
Cummins Quick Check II
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The ECM on 1998.5-2002 Ram 24 Valve Cummins diesel engines contains a wealth of engine information. Some of the ECM data can be accessed by the Cummins QuickCheck II, which attaches to a compatible Palm device.

QC II contains cables for all versions of 24V Ram engines, the Palm interface, and software that allows you to read, capture and store ECM data such as

Cummins QuickCheck information = Cummins Power Store
QuickCheck software downloads = QuickCheck info site
QuickCheck brochures and manuals = QuickCheck info site

I bought a QuickCheck II for Sue's 2001 Ram at the 2002 TDR Rally vendor fair from the Cummins Power Store, which had a package deal for the QC II with a TRGpro handheld and 16MB CF Card. NOTE: Many of the Palm™ models listed as compatible are no longer in production, so they may be difficult to find. QuickCheck II installation is relatively simple.

For 2000-2002 models, an adapter cable is attached to the 3 pin flat connector near the fuel filter inlet. The other end of the adapter is pushed through the firewall and a connector is installed on the cable inside the truck cab. Another adapter cable connects the cab connector inside the cab to the QC II palm interface.
For 1998 and 1999 models, an adapter cable is attached to the diagnostic connector near the fan at the front of the engine. The 3 pin flat connector on this cable ends near the fuel filter, and the rest of the installation is the same as for 2000-2002 models.
QuickCheck II Kit parts. Not shown is the 3" software CD.





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