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Dodge Ram diesel crankcase vent catch bottle installation
12 Valve Blow-by Bottle Installation
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The 1994-1998 12 Valve Ram diesel uses a crankcase vent on the side of the engine. Because this vent has no catch bottle, oil can drip oil onto your driveway, leaving black oil stains. There was a kit available from Geno's Garage, but it has been discontinued. These are the instructions and the parts list from the Geno's kit.

1 - Summit Racing Catch-all part number SUM-G1504, price $29.99 + shipping and handling (800) 230-3030
3 - Ύ” hose clamps
1 - 6’ x Ύ” heater hose
1 - 1’ x Ό” vent tube
1 - Ύ” x 11/16” brass fitting (12-valve engines)
1 - 1” drill bit (to drill the Summit G-1504 to accept the 3/4” x 1” male barb)
1 - Ύ” x 1” male barb (epoxy into the Summit SUM G-1504 bottle)
1 - Ύ” x 45-degree turn down (epoxy to the Ύ” x 1” male barb)

With the exception of the Summit Racing Catch-all, most parts can be found at your local hardware store. Finding the 45-degree turn down is important as the crankcase vapors did want to come back out of the breather cap on our test model. You can make a cost-effective, non-critical, choice to use off-the-shelf heater hose.

Your Catch-all can be mounted in any vertical location. Because of its 13” overall length, we chose the front, driver’s side of the plastic fender well to mount the Catch-all. Note: Inside the Catchall, the breather fumes are directed 45° downward. Even with the fumes directed downward, experience has proven that the Catchall breather needs to be vertical or oil will collect/seep out of the breather.

Maintenance Instructions:

Drain the Catchall at every oil change. Oil discharge should be minimal. At every other oil change, we suggest you clean the breather using a Simple Green solution and water. As a precaution against a clogged breather, we left a small Ό” vent tube at the top of the breather.


Last Update: April 29, 2002