24 Valve Engine Test

How much do you know about the 24 valve engine?

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These questions were taken from MasterTech issue 2 Feb 1998 for the 24 Valve Cummins engine

1) Which component on the 24-Valve Cummins diesel engine is now mounted there the Top-Dead-Center (TDC) pin was previously located? [answer]

A. The crankshaft position sensor.
B. The camshaft position sensor.
C. Mechanical lift pump lobe.
D. Electronic governor.

2. Which of the following are benefits that result from replacing an offset fuel injection system with centered injection? [answer]

A. Reduced oil consumption.
B. Equalization of the temperature of the piston rings.
C. Reduced NOx emissions.
D. All of the above.

3. Which of the following items found on the bell crank assembly is adjustable? [answer]

A. Speed control servo cable linkage.
B. Accelerator pedal position sensor.
C. Transmission throttle valve cable linkage.
D. Accelerator pedal linkage.

4. On the previous diesel engine, excess engine oil would dump to the oil pan sump. On the 24-Valve model, excess engine oil is routed _________ [answer]

A. to the output side of the oil cooler
B. to the suction side of the oil pump
C. through the oil filter
D. to an oil overflow reservoir

5. After purging air from the high-pressure side of the fuel system, tighten the fuel line fittings at the injector connector tubes to _______ [answer]

A. 40 N-m (28 to 30 ft-lb)
B. 14N-m(10ft-lb)
C. 24N-m(18ft-lb)
D. 43 N-m (32 ft-lb)

6. Technician A says that the cylinder head cover gasket for the 24-Valve Cummins diesel engine is reusable and can be used on an older 12-Valve diesel engine. Technician B agrees that the new gasketis reusable but he says it cannot be used on earlier engine. Who is correct? [answer]

A. Technician A.
B. Technician B.
C. Both Technician A and Technician B.
D. Neither Technician A nor Technician B.

7. True or False? To remove a fuel injector, loosen the hold-down clamp, cap screw and shoulder bolt. [answer]

A. True.        B. False.

8. The fuel injection pump is driven by the injection pump drive at _____ of the engine speed. [answer]

A. 25 percent
B. 30 percent
C. 45 percent
D. 50 percent

9. The fuel injection pump control module receives signals from thich other control module to operate the injection pump? [answer]

A. The powertrain control module.
B. The accelerator pedal control module.
C. The engine control module.
D. The transmission control module.

10. During engine cranking, the cycling time of the electric fuel transfer pump is reduced. WHY? [answer]

A. To prevent excess fuel from flooding the engine.
B. To ensure the injection pump operates properly.
C. To eliminate white smoke.
D. To ensure that the water drain in the fuel filter is not overloaded.

So, how did you do?

9-10 Right: You are ready to replace the service technicians at your dealership!
7-8 Right:   Good shadetree score.
6-6 Right: Not bad if you took the test cold.