You can't miss a night at Dear Evan Hansen

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Evan Hansen is looking for that all-too-rare chance to fit in. When the churning social maelstrom of high school accidentally hands him the opportunity to turn his life around, he's eager to take it. His newfound acceptance hinges on a lie, though, and he's not certain that his newfound popularity is actually sustainable.

Reviews For Dear Evan Hansen

This stirring musical takes the audience along on a trip to deepest parts of the human experience. This insightful and vibrant new musical is full of emotion and wisdom.

This gem of musical theater is a potent emotional experience.

Dear Evan Hansen Story

Evan gets a surprise shot to step into the life he's always wanted. All he has to do is keep quiet about an accidental lie and let people draw the wrong conclusions about a letter he never intended to share.

This American musical is a sharp, up-to-the-minute look into contemporary teen society that manages to be both broadly applicable and profoundly personal.

The new musical teams up director Michael Greif (Tony Award-nominated director of hits including Grey Gardens, Rent, and Next to Normal) with composers Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (the Tony-nominated team behind A Christmas Story, NBC's "SMASH", and Dogfight) and acclaimed playwright Steven Levenson (creator of "Masters of Sex" for Showtime). It's been a smash hit in smaller venues, and now it's timeu for Dear Evan Hansen to hit Broadway.

What Makes Dear Evan Hansen A Must-See On Broadway

Following each showing of Dear Evan Hansen at the Music Box Theatre, the stage door is absolutely mobbed by an emotional crowd of teen fans. Everyone who sees the new musical is desperate to get an autographed playbill - or even just a moment of human connection - with one of the stars appearing in this latest and greatest Broadway hit.

Michael Park fills one of the adult roles in this very teen-oriented musical, but he's well aware of the resonant effect the show has with younger viewers. His favorite part of the reaction is seeing parents on West 45th Street when the show is over.

Park says the universal response he gets from parents is a clear "thank you" for the show. "It's the highest sort of compliment I've ever received."

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