TDR Group gathering at Phil Stuart's in Vienna

March 25, 2001


Camping at Lake Fairfax Park

Wiredawg, Rammin on, and Dave Fritz camped for the weekend at the nearby park.

camp06.jpg camp09.jpg Keith's (Rammin On) camper and truck. Among the numerous add-ons, the truck has a pair of 100W backup lights for parking at night. Keith brough a load of firewood and antifreeze to help take the chill out of the March wind.
camp12.jpg Ron (Wiredawg) brought his home (literally), a 37' 5th wheel with 3 slide out panels that he and his wife Vivian live in full time.
camp23.jpg Ron's truck was armored front and rear; other additions include a front hitch receiver, a Mag Hytec diff cover, and Hadley air horns.
camp24.jpg camp14.jpg
camp18.jpg camp22.jpg
camp28.jpg My camper was comfortable, but lacked the luxurious accomodations of Wiredawg and Rammin On.