Informal TDR Group gathering at Phil Stuart's in Vienna  

March 25, 2001

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People began arriving at Phil's by 10:30, and by the time we ate lunch,
over 15 trucks had arrived. Each new arrival was announced by the clatter
of a diesel rounding the corner at the end of the street, and people stopped
talking briefly to see if they recognized the truck. Usually, the owner was
known to someone before the truck parked, and each new arrival started a
round of introductions and produced more food for the picnic.

rally14.jpg rally08.jpg rally11.jpg rally20.jpg
rally05.jpg rally09.jpg rally10.jpg
rally19.jpg    rally18.jpg   rally15.jpg
rally16.jpg rally13.jpg rally07.jpg

As each hood went up, the group moved to that truck to compare
notes and debate the pros and cons of each modification. It took several
tours of the entire field of trucks to satisfy everyone enough to turn thoughts
(briefly) to food. Unfortunately, I was too busy eating during the break to
take photos of the picnic, but people who left the table hungry had no one to
blame but themselves. After a brief feeding frenzy, it was back to the trucks.

A few photos from Lake Fairfax campground where Wiredawg, Rammin On,
and Dave Fritz stayed - with several photos of Wiredawgs truck accessories..

RamminOn's Vienna photo gallery