TDR Rally

September 12, 1998

Effingham, IL  
All images Tim Butterfield.

Reposted: February 2, 1999


  1. Host
  2. Sponsors & Vendors
  3. Dodge Concept Trucks
  4. Lots of trucks
  5. Show & Shine Trucks
  6. Truck Accessories


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1.  Host

This was the 2nd Annual Dodge/Cummins Rally hosted by:

Schied Diesel Service Co. Inc. 
3120 S. Banker St. 
Effingham, IL 62401 
(800) 669-1934 
(217) 536-5200 
4960 N. 13th St. 
Terre Haute, IN 47805 
(800) 669-1593 
(812) 466-7202 
Here are the official pages for this rally. 

2.  Sponsor & Vendors

Dodge was a major sponsor. In addition to bringing the Big Red Truck and T-Rex,
they also paid the registration fee for each trucks.

The vendors which made presentations are:

  • Horton Fan Drives
  • Cummins
  • Valvoline Oil
  • Isspro Guages



3.  Dodge Concept Trucks

As mentioned above, Dodge brought two concept trucks.
Big Red Truck  T-Rex 
Big Red Truck
Big Red Truck


4.  Lots of Trucks

This rally was twice as big as the first.  There were 144 trucks registered.

TDR Trucks TDR Trucks
TDR Trucks

5.  Show & Shine Trucks

39 trucks were entered in the Show & Shine contest.  Here are just a few of those.

Show & Shine Truck
Check out the wheels! 
Show & Shine Truck
Show & Shine Truck Show & Shine Truck

6.  Truck Accessories

In addition to the wild paint jobs and nice simple paint jobs, the Show & Shine Trucks were decked out with a variety of accessories like running boards, grill guards and more.


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