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    Common Problems

    Order Status & Tracking


    Technical Service Bulletins - moved to

    Technical Specifications

    Tests and Repairs

    VIN Decoding:    Pre 94       1994-2002



    Resolving Warranty Problems

    Vehicle speed vs engine RPM tables

    New Vehicle Inspection

    2000 Ram Features

Gasoline Engine Index Diesel Engine Index
Powertrain Diagnostics General Info - how DTC's are set, Architecture, OBD, Modes, more
Popular Mechanics' Saturday Mechanic series - long list of DIY Shadetree projects
How Good are you? Take some Quizes
24 Valve Cummins Engine - From the Feb 98 MasterTech
Axle Noise Diagnosis - From the Oct 99 MasterTech
Dodge Trivia - - A collection of trivial information for those aflicted with Mopar Madness (under consruction)
Diesel Trivia - A collection of trivial information for diesel heads (under consruction)

The Ram Quad Cab first became available in 1998 models


Last Update November 1, 2002