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My goal is to provide technical information to Dodge Ram owners in a readily available format.
Contributions of photos, articles, html pages, and news are always welcome! Contact me is maintained by Dave Fritz as a hobby* and a service to fellow Dodge Ram truck owners.

*hobby - n. An activity or pursuit undertaken for pleasure during one's leisure.
NOTE: I only have so much free time available, and this web site is not my only hobby. Please keep that in mind if you wish to complain about how long it takes to get things posted here!

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A Brief Site History

Construction began on June 18, 1997 as a simple exercise to learn a bit about HTML script. The first page was little more than some photos of our Ram in Alaska, and a list of the modifications I made for the trip.  The site was located on my office PC with Omni HTTP, a versatile freeware server,  providing web access.

The Ram Truck Mailing List was generating requests for details about my truck, so I began posting pictures and comments as I answered the questions.  The RTML was an excellent source of Ram technical information and I began archiving some of the postings made by others on the list.  The original single page slowly grew until I had to break the original page into several sub pages.

In  late 1997,  Jim Foster announced a new Ram Truck Web Ring and I quickly added this site to the webring.  The web crawlers and search engines found me shortly afterward and soon my office PC hard disk light was beginning to resemble the power light. Traffic volume became so high that in January 1998 I reorganized the pages and moved the site to a department workstation. As was well for a while...

In September of 1998 Stan Steele contacted me and asked if I would like to take over the page because his new business was consuming all of his time. I said I would give it a try. Content continued to expand and traffic increased beyond the capacity of the server. In November of 2000, after several months of instability, the server fatally crashed and the owner (IBG Technologies) pulled the plug on the machine. The domain name is locked up in a bureaucratic SNAFU and may never reappear unless network solutions unexpectedly becomes responsive to its customers (don't hold your breath).

After disappeared, the site was moved to a new hosting service and renamed (completed on Feb 6, 2001). Geno's Garage generously offered to pay the bills as a site sponsor in late 2001, which has kept content free for you the readers. If you need truck accessories, check Geno's online catalog by clicking the banner on any page. Geno's has an excellent reputation among TDR and DiRT members.

In April 2002 content topped 305 MB - despite the fact that the site is almost static because I am too busy to add content.

Because there wee some problems with the old hosting service, my contract provider started their own service and I moved to their servers in Nov 2003. This new server has been even faster and more reliable than the old one. At the end of 2003, there is over 450Mb of information and photos posted, and the size keeps growing.

FWIW: I have still avoided the use of fancy graphics, cute logos, java scripts, etc. to speed access for people who just want information. These pages are written in straightforward HTML that should work with all browsers. Even though I have been splitting pages into pieces to reduce file size, some pages are becoming large and will take time to load with a slow connection.  PLEASE,  if you find a problem on any of my pages or if you find a page that is unreasonably slow to load, let me hear about it.  Also, links disappear or move and it may take me weeks for me to discover that they are gone. You will do everyone a service by letting me know when something does not work properly.  Several ram owners have sent me photos to post. For other Ram owners who would like to post their trucks, I still have plenty of space here and will be happy to post your pages and pictures.  Dave    my email address 

So, what is in the future?
I have over 580MB of additional Ram material and tech information, which will appear as I get time to add it to the site. I have registered,,, and with the intention of splitting content of this site among several sister sites to reduce site complexity and improve navigation. The tentative plans are: