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Dodge Ram pickup truck photo image gallery - emergency vehicles
Dodge Fire and Rescue 2
Photos from around the WWW
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Cliff's Ramcharger Page NJ Fire Dept - photo on Cliff Wood's Ramcharger page
Rescue 51 Dodge Ram Rescue 51 truck from the TV show. I found this image on Hammer's Firefighter Homepage
Utility 15-2 UTILITY 15-2 1979 Dodge/4WD 250 GPM/150 Gallon Tank Brush Unit Conemaugh PA Fire Department
Brush 8 Purchased new in December of 1992, this full sized 4x4 Dodge pick up truck, dubbed Truck 1, is used as a grass fire truck and a utility truck.   Summit Township FD Station 1 - Jackson, MI
Mini Pumper 241 Brush 2 1976 Dodge 1 Ton military surplus p/u truck 250 GPM Pump, 300 Gallon Tank 4 speed automatic gasoline power train. First due on brush fires. Quinton Volunteer Fire and EMS Company 2 of New Kent County, Virginia
Rescue 51 1972 Dodge 3/4 ton Brush Truck with a 250 GPM (gallon per minute) pump and a 300 gallon tank. Cassville Volunteer Fire Company, Jackson, New Jersey
Ram 3500

Utility/Special Unit 9 Naval Air Station Key West, FL.   Photo is on the Central PA site

46C-1 Fire Chief Vehicle Rural 3, Truck #55 1992 Dodge W-350 commercial-chassis rural truck. 360ci V-8 gasoline engine, 4-speed automatic transmission, all wheel drive. It has a 300 gallon water tank. 18-HP two-cylinder air-cooled auxiliary motor driving a single-stage centrifugal pump for pump-and-roll operation. 150' of 3/4" booster line on pre-connected hose reel. Two 1" wildland attack lines. Stillwater Fire Dept station 3 - Stillwater, OK
46C-1 Fire Chief Vehicle Not a Ram, but ! 1965 REO 2 1/2 ton 6 Wheel Drive Brush Truck with a 250 GPM (gallon per minute) pump and a 1600 gallon tank. Cassville Volunteer Fire Company